Flutter flutter flutter flutter [teensy tinesy] ka-whomp

I was sitting having a ‘hattan after work yesterday when I heard a lot of fluttering and a very lightweight little ka-whomp. Three feet away from me sat a newly fledged baby robin. Quick quick get a pic! And somehow I managed to do so before this little guy hopped and flittered away.

That’s our second set of robins this year and a third is just around the corner of the house where I can’t see it from this vantage point. I have learned a LOT about robin nesting habits. Oh, please don’t quiz me. I have NOT done a scientific study. One thing that’s going on TODAY that I do NOT understand is that a couple of other birds have been spending a lot of time in and around the abandoned nest. Junk Birds? I’m not sure.

When am I leaving? I do not know. I am an Early Bird but I do NOT think I will blast outta Dodge at 0-skunk-30.

Am I packed? NOOOOOO I am not packed. I am PRE-packed. That means I have a LIST. It also means anything not on the list that I think I might need/want is placed such that I will TRIP OVER IT. I can’t pack perishable food in hot weather until I’m ready to put it in the car. That is all.

I don’t really have a lot to pack anyway. Clothes, food, technological crapola, and a few books. Food is always the issue. I ALWAYS take food up to the yooperland. It is plentiful there but there are certain specialties that I like to schlep from The Planet Ann Arbor or Best Choice at Hoton Lake.

Pandemic traveling? Food is horrendously difficult and stressful to pre-pack. Any other year, if I need something I can schlep to Meijer (15 minutes) or the park store (five minutes) or wherever. The last year UKW came back to the moominbeach to spend time with us, we had so many people to feed we were at Meijer every other day. At one point we felt compelled to tell our cashier that the two of us were really NOT eating and drinking all the food/booze we were buying.

This year I do my best to schlep everything I think we (the two of us who isolate together) might need for the duration we’ll be there so we can stay OUT of stores. I will say that all of the ice packs I acquired by accidentally buying 18 cranberry goat cheese loaves online will help me keep everything cold.

COVID cases in the eastern yooperland? Zero or close to it UNTIL NOW!!! Nine or seven in Chippewa County depending on how you are counting. Small number? Yes. But we all know how that goes, roight? Stay outta the damn bars, people.

I ended my afternoon with whine and an early dinner in the back yard with my rodent delivery person. Dinner was a gogi (beef) burrito from H.O.M.E.S. brewery, picked up curbside. She dropped a few more grocks and also returned a book (Ursula Under, which I’m taking to the moomincabin library). I gave her tubes of After Bite and Sting Kill since she now lives in the woods. I had extra because after I couldn’t find any in my house LAST summer, I went “Pig Wild” and bought five tubes of each online.

One Response to “Flutter flutter flutter flutter [teensy tinesy] ka-whomp”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m having trouble packing for NY because of all the food I’m taking. My son-in-law will have to shop for me, but I hate asking him to do so–with a one month old baby. Once C-19 gets somewhere, it seems to take off like a rocket unless people live distantly and don’t go to many public areas. Bars do seem to be the latest hot spot. I am partaking of beer in my house lately, although I do miss draft beer in a nice pub. (not worth the risk though)