Wear your mask if you are going to the yooperland.

Both MMCB1 and MMCB2 were available to facetime this morning. I was ready for them too. When the call came in, I commandeered it immediately with, “Do you want to walk down to the beach with me?” Well, yes. I showed them our little rustic cabin. I pivoted to show them the log cabin my grandparents built in 1924, then I walked down the path through the woods to the beach. I pointed out Canananada to them before I turned the camera back to my fugly old face. I talk about my homeland a lot but I think it’s hard to visualize, even from photos. They were impressed.

Gorgeous calm morning. The GG drove the Motor Bote over to Round Island Point to check out the eagle’s nest and I was able to show MMCBs his return.

We made a trip through town today. Took the back roads over to Clyde’s for a pickup of our annual grease quota and ate it in Goose Poop Park. Masks were worn by us (well, me🐽) and the server. Clyde’s is a drive-in restaurant on the lower St. Marys River and I have been going there all my life and I remember going there with my grandmother and I remember going there on “senior skip day” and the day I picked up my parents right after my brother died and all the times in the POC with the kids/nieces/second cousins…

After Clyde’s, we took several trips to hardware stores to try to replace the fluorescent light over the moomincabin stove and that involved the GG going INSIDE stores. He did mask and so did store employees (I stayed in the car) but no luck on replacing the light. Gas at Meijer and some scouting about where the curbside pickup spaces were located. I don’t need grock yet but I am building an order and will “pull the trigger” on my cart when we get to the point where we actually NEED something.

3 Responses to “Wear your mask if you are going to the yooperland.”

  1. Mark Axe Says:

    Go LED

  2. Margaret Says:

    Glad you were masking, and showing off your beautiful homeland. I would love to be on a beach somewhere. Instead, I’m flying into 90 degree thunderstorms next week. It’s so nice here with temperatures in the 60s and 70s. I’m going to be miserable…

  3. Pooh Says:

    Just re-read the post. The light over the stove at the old cabin! That was just installed a couple of years ago! It sure didn’t last long. And it was a multiple LED light.