10 degrees cooler near the Great Lakes

That’s a familiar addendum to the weather reports in the yooperland. It was 84 in Brimley (a few miles down the road) according to my weather app. Here? With that wind coming in off the lake? Somewhere in the 60s. Sometime in the afternoon a fog bank rolled through and the island and the points at both ends of the beach disappeared. The fog bank rolled out as quickly as it advanced and the island/points reappeared.

This was a slug day for me except for a couple of morning beach walks and some lightweight chores. Hey, I needed that! This week was two sweltering work days, stressful pandemic packing, a driving day, and an errand day. So today was a reading day. I spent most of it outside, polartech jacket to fend off the wind chill and big sunhat to shield my face. I STILL feel overexposed this afternoon. My face feels hot like it’s been sunburned but I think it’s just the wind. So even though it’s pleasant on the deck right now, I am inside.

My Rodent Delivery Team made a little reconnaissance mission inside The Landfill today. They found that I did *not* leave a baggy of chicken thighs on the stovetop or the counter or anywhere else. I must’ve unthinkingly shoved them back in the freezer. They did find the half gogi burrito that I couldn’t finish on Tuesday and forgot to pack. And they FINISHED it for me, which made me happy. I don’t know about the orange juice but they did send me a detailed list of everything they touched inside the house so I knew what to disinfect when I got back, although I maaaay not return as soon as I had originally planned if Meijer curbside works out. If I stay longer, I’ll be telecommuting. I did have the foresight to schlep my work laptop.

Oh yeah, it’s one more trip around the sun for our partnership. More years than I am strong enough to count. We haven’t done much to celebrate, just grilling rib-eyes from Best Choice at Hoton Lake. Last year we took a bunch of relations out to lunch at Wicked Sister. Can’t do that this year and one of that particular group is no longer with us. Thinking of her today.

To any folks who may have doubted we would last (and I suspect there were a few because, well, I am a “spirited” person, and that’s about as far as I’m gonna go with that!), we get along better than you might think. We do have our moments but doesn’t every long married couple? What the heck, we’re having a bit of a moment as I write this🐽 And he didn’t just marry meeee, he had the fortune (good or bad?) to marry the moomincabin. For many years he has been the main caretaker here. I sure could’ve done worse. How many young men would want to spend most of their vacation time in an rustic, isolated cabin with their in-laws.

2 Responses to “10 degrees cooler near the Great Lakes”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Happy Anniversary! Many people didn’t think Patt and I would make it either since we were very, very different. And in his later years he became a staunch Libertarian whereas I’m much more liberal. We couldn’t discuss the death penalty or a few other issues, but mostly got along pretty well. It’s been 60s here lately, but will get into the 70s on the weekend. Perfect weather for me!

  2. Pooh Says:

    Happy Anniversary! (a day late). Yesterday when we were walking around Tower Grove Park, I kept trying to remember is your anniversary was July 3rd or 2nd. Suzy and Barry’s must be the 2nd. Tomorrow is our anniversary, which we share with Jay and Carl. Becca and Rey’s is July 7th. Good time of year and a good place to get married!