Keaf Spammers and Umbel Diameters, and oh, Plassovers

Nothing like spamming SEVEN people about Giant Hogweed. Yer wife, kids, niece, and all of the significant others. Are all these people really interested in Giant Hogweed? I mean, they should be if they are likely to encounter it. I’m not sure Giant Hogweed grows in Hawaii, where one of the Keaf Spam recipients now lives. It’s our niece Pengo Janetto Cookie Tester Penguin Hoosh (Phd in forensic anthropology) and we are proud of her but we also miss her!

The GG sent the hogweed “keaf” message and I couldda told him he would get push-back from our amateur botanist beach urchin about “Giant Hogweed”. No, that’s not what it is. It’s Cow Parsnip and she had the Latin name for it and a bunch of descriptive details and “what is the umbel diameter”? He didn’t know. I dunno, Cow Parsnip is apparently less toxic than Giant Hogweed but I will still stay away from it like I try to stay away from COVID. The hard part is that it all looks like Queen Anne’s Lace to me. So I guess I should stay away from anything that looks like Queen Anne’s Lace since I can’t really tell the difference.

About then the second Plassover of the day rolled through. What the heck is a plassover? We get some good thunderstorms here on the Upper St. Marys river but we often get to watch big thunderstorms roll across Whitefish Bay into Cananananada without touching us at all. The Commander and Radical Betty would sit on the beach watching these things roll through after Beer Lunch on the beach and they could always seem to predict if the storm would *pass* over into Canananada without hitting our beach or not. Passover, roight? A Beer Lunch once morphed passover into plassover and after hysterical laughter ensued, we have forever called that type of thunderstorm a “plassover”. I was a teenager when that happened and I sooooo miss my moom and aunt whenever we have a plassover, like the two today.

The pic doesn’t look all that dark but it does show a plassover and there is a barely visibly white smudge to the right of the island. It is seagulls. I’m not sure what they’re doing.

I took my first dip in Gitchee Gumee this afternoon after a sweltering day in moominTeleCubelandia, aka the moomincabin deck (from where I “ran” the daily stand-up meeting) and eventually the Lyme Lounge.

Love y’all, KW

P.S. I have moominTeleCommuted other summers when I had to wear wool socks and a polartech jacket and run a space heater in the Lyme Lounge. Weather/climate is different here every summer.

One Response to “Keaf Spammers and Umbel Diameters, and oh, Plassovers”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Hot and humid here, and thunderstorms–but not near any water. Send me a lake, please!!