13 ticks and counting…

Nothing like driving along the M-28 highway with a passenger who is picking ticks off his body and throwing them out the window. He hiked 23 miles today and he picked a couple ticks off during the hike and more during the car ride and then a bunch back here at the moomincabin. These were dog ticks, not deer ticks but all ticks are bad bad bad. Yick. He did take a shower…

He did put a few ticks down the kitchen sink, which I thought was a bad idea and then he caught a tick trying to climb back out. I boiled some water and poured it down there and hopefully that’ll do the trick.

Okay, who wants school to start up in person this fall? I do not! Years and years ago when my kids were in elementary school, there was a 2-week teacher strike on the Planet Ann Arbor. It just about drove me crazy having the kids home for the first two weeks of school. On the other hand, during that time, they cooked their first meal ON THE STOVE WITHOUT EVEN TELLING ME. I found it later and it was spaghettios. Yes I fed my kids stuff like that. It was more nutritious than air and they eat better and more creatively than I do nowadays.

Bad Orange Man is DEMANDING that public schools open this fall. This fall. COVID cases are rising in many states and GUESS WHAT, if they aren’t rising where you live, they likely will. Given this year’s circumstances, if I had young children, I would gladly keep them at home for the duration. The jury is still out on the role young children have as disease-spreading vectors but plenty of teachers are at a vulnerable age and I bet they do NOT want to go back into the classroom.

I don’t often play videos from social media* but I played a “speech” from my state’s own Betsy Devos today about opening the schools. What did she say? I do not know. She went blah-de-blah-de-blah about how important it is for children to be learning in social situations and that’s true up to the point where kids are being bullied (but that’s another discussion). But how do we keep teachers (and parents and grandparents, etc.) safe if the children are sharing the virus. In the end, “our” Betsy did not offer any concrete advice, just that every community has to make their own rules.

Why does she not have any advice? Because she has no clue about viruses work and how they spread. She was just blathering away to support the Orange Baboon.

*Awful as it is, I can’t make myself look away from Kayleigh McEnany’s (McNinny’s?) crapola. Sorry but what the f*ck? Answer the question, woman! I can only guess she’s into it for the damn money.

2 Responses to “13 ticks and counting…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I think the schools are going to get into trouble and have to shut down again. Our schools are preparing a plan for that because once that many people are around each other, it’s going to be terrifying. (especially for the teachers, many of whom are at risky ages)

  2. Tonya G Watkins Says:

    This country has gone absolutely insane. That is all.