Taconite guy

So the GG took off to the “hardware store” this afternoon and he also dropped some Green Bag Garbage off at the res. He was gone for almost TWO hours. It was okay (I needed to be spacified). But it was a looooong time and I was hoping he hadn’t been in the hardware store all that time…

Was he at the hardware store? Probably. I know he wore a mask. Our governor #BigGretch aka #ThatWomanInMichigan has now mandated them in all stores and crowded public places. Yay for her! I hope this means that our essential (and underpaid) store employees do not have to enforce mask policies. Please please please avoid going into stores and if you have to go inside, wear a mask and be polite to the employees.

During the time the GG was gone, I heard a whole lot of train whistles. Train tracks run through this area but trains are pretty infrequent and we only occasionally hear them whistle. I heard a lot of them today.

The GG eventually came home and when I asked where the heck he had been, he said he had been collecting taconite pellets near the railroad tracks. I couldn’t help but wonder if the train I heard earlier was “horning” at the crazy guy picking up taconite pellets near the tracks.

Facetime porterization tonight and then some fun and wonderful (outside and distanced, alas) interaction with our young cousin and his significant other at the Old Cabin. Heading south tomorrow. For a while. I am pandemically nervous about my mostly solo trip south and again strategizing roadP.

We were hoping for deluges of rainfall today. We never quite got there although I think there was enough rain to water our impatiens. It was a lot cooler today (than 88-90) and I did not have to swim in gitchee gumee.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    It feels cooler to me today too. Probably the rain that came through. It’s hard to strategize the P for me. When John and I went on a hike, the bathrooms at the trailhead were closed. I was masked and with hand sanitizer and would have used them. I have an old lady, mother of two, coffee drinker bladder!