This pic is from last night at 9:22 PM. Mr. Golden Sun has begun his southward journey but we still get some pretty good rays late into the evening up on Gitchee Gumee.

That whooooooshing sound is meeeee driving my Ninja (2008 Honda Civic SI, 6-speed manual) down to the Planet Ann Arbor today. We topped off its tank in Rudyard today, drove tandem to Iggy and then I headed over the BigMac and the GG split off for a dispersed North Country Trail hike. He had Mooon Yooonit (2019 Toyota RAV4 Adventure, color Lunar Rock) because he was towing the Lyme Lounge. Ninja does not tow things. (I really kinda wanna buy a second Mooon Yooonit but I don’t wanna get rid of Ninja. We are a house divided on two cars or three. (And a few other things 🐽))

We have had BigMac commuter cards (aka the MacPass) for years, since around the time The Commander started needing more frequent help from us, whether she wanted it or not 🐽 They are plastic cards that you wave at a reader thingy and the gate lifts up. Sometimes there is a dedicated lane for MacPass users but often on holiday weekends or other busy days (Sunday southbound, etc.), you have to go through a regular lane anyway. The last time the GG drove up (separately from me), he obtained the latest technology, which is a sticker that you affix to your veeeendsheeeeeld. I guess it’s a “transponder” of sorts? I used it for the first time today. There were TWO MacPass lanes open but I wasn’t sure if my sticker would work or not, so I used a regular lane ANYWAY so I could pay by cash or plastic card if I needed to. I did not want to get up to the booth, have the thing not work and have to back up. I needn’t have worried. As I approached the booth, the gate just barely started to come down and IMMEDIATELY went back up. I was good to go.

I chose to drive down on a Saturday because I did NOT want to deal with the Sunday traffic backups of high summer, even this pandemic summer. I had NO slowdowns (except the bridge) so it was a nice whoooooooshy trip. I did not have to do roadP. When I got back to the Landfill, even though I felt fine and wasn’t thirsty, I sat down and slowly drank a BIG glass of water before doing ANYTHING (except check email, etc.). I had water with me on the trip but didn’t use it.

I unpacked and put everything away and did two loads of laundry. I’ll save the other two for tomorrow. I did need underwear though 🐽, well except, who needs underwear if you aren’t going anywhere. TMI? Anyway! I also came home to a big bag of shelling peas from the farmers market and a couple of the GG’s fave whole chickens from Sparrow Market. And the mail that I didn’t deal with adequately was inside. All courtesy of my own personal Pandemic Rodent Delivery Service 🧡🧡🧡 Please please please thank your grocery workers as well as other “essential” workers! And wear a mask if you can’t do curbside or delivery.

Love y’all,
Kayak Woman

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I think I’ll be masking for most of the rest of my life. I am that distrustful of viruses now! I was like you on my flight and didn’t drink as much as I should have because I didn’t want to use the airplane bathroom. As it turned out, I did, but only once. I appreciate all my grocery workers. I shop at the same store when I do go, so I know most of them by name and their life stories.