Quietly productive

Took me a while to get myself moving this morning but I was productive today albeit in a quiet sort of way.

Lemme see…

Last loads of laundry done – cabin linens and some of the GG’s sweaty, possibly tick-infested clothing.

Paid summer property taxes for the moomincabin – one of the few checks I have to write these days. Meaning I have to dredge up a check, a pen, an envelope, a stamp, and in this case scissors because the perforation referred to on the invoice didn’t exist. I spent tooooo much time looking for that stuff.

Started to pay property taxes for the Landfill (online) and stopped because… apparently we have until the end of August to pay them (instead of July 31)? Because COVID, I guess. I didn’t quite trust my eyes so after MUCH searching around online, I found that yes, we can wait until the end of August but people who can pay without financial hardship are encouraged to pay on time. And I can, so I will. But I didn’t today. Also I signed up for email notifications for the taxes so if I am gallivanting around isolating in the yooperland on July 31st, I won’t forget.

Dumped some of the stinkiest compost on earth out in the bin. Why did I not remember to dump it before I left town? i do not know.

Entered latest jamadots auto-payment (DSL bill) into moomincabin financial spreadsheet. P.S. Fiber optics are coming to a moomincabin near you!

Downloaded Triple-A app to my phone and paid our membership fee. Lotsa stuff you can do with that app, claims, etc. Hope I never have to use any of that stuff.

Disentangled my debit card from declination jail. Again! Last time this happened (May?), I had to schlep my drivers license out to the Zeeb Road bank branch to prove I was meeeeee. This time was easier. Did I [try to] buy from Argus Farm Stop? Yes. Just a few minutes ago. Did I [try to] use Venmo? YES YES YES! Yesterday and that’s how I provide my own personal Rodent Delivery Service with money to buy me pandemic grocks when I can’t easily get them some other way. I’ve been doing that for MONTHS! This person was able to turn my card back on IMMEDIATELY. But still. Maybe I’ll just switch to using a credit card…

Researched issues I had with ordering curbside/delivery from Meijer/Shipt in Sault Ste. Siberia and think I have it sorted out. Like, sorry KW, that Meijer doesn’t do beer/liqwire. But it seems like the Planet Ann Arbor stores actually do. Will test out delivery service here in the next couple days. P.S. I would NOT ask the Sault Meijer to deliver grocks to the moomincabin. They do delivery but I’m not sure the moomincabin is within their delivery range and if it is, the last third of a mile involves a two-track road and not particularly good address signage, like we share a driveway with the Old Cabin but there is a separate address for each dwelling. I’m sure that can be confusing. Heck, when I was a kid there were no house numbers at all and the road was not named!

Perused my absentee ballot IN DETAIL with phone and laptop at hand to look up people and issues. I haven’t actually voted yet but I have decided WHO I am going to vote for. Proposals? Not sure yet. I am not a blasted lawyer and couldn’t find plain English explanations for bearsss of little brain (like me).

PEAS! Glorious shelling peas! There is a short season for these and I can never get enough of them. In fact, when I made the aforementioned Argus order, they had some so I ordered more. Er, I guess I didn’t aforemention the Argus order. Made an Argus order.

One Response to “Quietly productive”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My Safeway pick up doesn’t do beer, which is a bit of a disappointment. That’s why I’ve been going to the actual store every couple of weeks. I pay too many bills by mail (so John says) and that’s very inconvenient when I’m on a long trip. My mother will pay them and then refuse to take any money from me. Grrr. I’m very comfortably off, but my parents help out my brother and his family occasionally and wants to try to even things out. “But I don’t need the money, Mom!” “I’m 63 years old!”