After seeing this pic, I think I will be looking for a quarantine apartment for the twin on the left. Sharing a womb umpteen bazillion years ago does not make sharing a small camper in 2020 okay! I HOPE they each have their own camper because this is the Lyme Lounge, in which social distancing is IMPOSSIBLE.

Me? I am here at The Landfill “paying the rent” and thinking about the future — mainly the future of my wardrobe. When I sold my soul to Corporate America 13 years ago (drug test and everything and *that* was interesting but we won’t go there today — of course I passed), the “dress code” at Cubelandia was business casual. That is, except when it wasn’t. There were “Casual Fridays” and “Jeans Days” and whatnot. One summer we remodeled the office and “Summer Casual” was declared for the entire summer. Think BIG guys with hairy legs in cargo shorts. Fun times 🐽 and I loved them ANYWAY.

A couple years ago, we backed off on bizcaz and jeans were okay EVERY day. There was some confusion early on when the list of appropriate attire included t-shirts for men but not for women. How do you define “t-shirt” anyway? Or “socialism” but we won’t go there today.

I long ago settled in to various bizcaz “uniforms” and did not go for the jeans thing. I have not worn a pair of jeans since Calvin Klein changed the “fit” of the jeans I used to buy and the saleswoman at Hudson’s (that’s how long ago this was) more or less snooted down her nose at me when I asked about the change.

Anyway, my bizcaz uniforms almost exclusively consisted of skirts (just above knee to mid-calf) and whatever tops fit the season. Summer was tank tops with lightweight flow-y jackets. Winter was turtleneck sweaters with vests. Tights in the winter, bare legs in the summer, hiking sandals year-round.

Oh man, TeleCubelandia? Long skirts always. Turtleneck, polartech vest, and tights in the winter. Tie-dyed t-shirts in the summer. At some point in April or May (the months, they run together), I was getting dressed and thought WHY am I putting on this article of clothing that I have always FLUNG as soon as I got home from work. I have been, uh, untethered ever since. (Prob’ly TMI, at least for my kids.)

Now that I am a full-time telecommuter forever, what’s to become of my bizcaz wardrobe? I dunno yet. There are certainly some things I will get rid of once I can donate things again. Others I love too much. My short “petal skirts” for one thing. The first time I ordered one, I was afraid it would look awful on a baggy old bag like me. The website encouraged me that it wouldn’t and they were actually RIGHT!

3 Responses to “TOO CLOSE!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My teacher clothes are mostly collecting dust in my closet, and I should get rid of most of them. I had a variety of plain color slacks and a variety of matching blouses. At least they’re wearing masks; that’s a good thing!

  2. Jay Says:

    Keep a few pieces for those meetings with cameras and the big wings. Many of the businesses and government departments that are deciding to keep online for the long haul are maintaining a few meeting rooms and shared offices for times when it will make more sense to meet in person.

  3. l4827 Says:

    In the photo (posted in this blog), why is only one smiling…?