Pandemic shopping misadventures #79882

Back when we thought we were gonna be eating beans and rice for months on end, our Rodent Delivery Service supplied us with a BIG BAG OF RICE from one of the Asian grocery stores. At first I was somehow intimidated by it and so it sat for a while until I ventured to open it. And guess what? It’s really good rice. Well, I mean it’s RICE! And we eat quite a bit of rice although this was a pretty big bag.

So we were outta town for a while and last night I opened up my BIG BAG OF RICE and there were BUGS in it. Fortunately I had other rice without bugs.

I do know that bugs of various sorts lay eggs that eventually hatch in rice but it hadn’t happened in the Landfill in many years, I guess probably because I don’t usually buy large quantities of rice. If it had been totally up to me, I’d’ve probably cut my losses and dragged the bag out to the compost heap and dumped the rice, bugs and all. But not… Mr. Thrifty HAD to save the rice so here he is “sifting” it to remove the bugs and an egg sac.

All of the rice is now in metal canisters in the freezer, where according to the gooooogle, any remaining eggs will be dead (or something) in three days. Do I want to eat ANY eggs, dead or not?

Fun times at the Landfill where it is HOT HOT HOT. But not as hot as 1988, a summer I endured with no A/C in the house or any vee-hickle we owned (yes really), a pre-schooler and a toddler. A toddler who had a 104 fever one day (roseola) and since the outdoor temperature was also 104, we were in the kiddie pool. And not as hot as 2012, when my old-skool indoor-outdoor thermometer got stuck at 106. (I was gonna say it froze at 106 but that might incite some cognitive dissonance.)

P.S. There are also more fruit flies around here than I’m comfortable with. What is Farmer John’s vinegar strategy? Hmmm… Gooooooogle it KW.

3 Responses to “Pandemic shopping misadventures #79882”

  1. Jane Says:

    Put oj in a cup, then strips of tape across the top with space between. They are attracted to the oj, but then can’t get out.

  2. Pooh Says:

    “A BIG bag of rice!” When we were in Louisiana on our bike trip in ’82, we wanted to buy some rice. The tiny grocery store had rice, alright, but the choices were the 20 lb. bag or the 40 lb. bag. We declined to buy rice there. Didn’t want to carry that much rice on our bicycles! If we’d been caught in a rainstorm it would have been even worse.

  3. Margaret Says:

    I don’t know that I could eat rice if I knew there had been bugs in it. I would rather not know! Ignorance is bliss! I can understand the need for A/C here. It’s not the heat as much as it is the humidity. My, oh, my!