Yes, I saw the comet. No, I did not get a pic.

I guess my vacation timing is pretty bad this summer. I had no clue there was any kind of comet until we were BACK on the Planet Ann Arbor from an extra long 4th of July weekend. And that’s about when it started showing up.

Apparently if we had been at the moomincabin and the skies were clear, we could’ve simply walked down to the beach and looked toward Ursa Major (north-ish). Down here in Megalopolis, with hazy skies, light pollution, and big bushy treeeeees, well… We drove out to a cleared spot on Joy Road but had to use binoculars to check it out. It was not iPhone-able.

I was reflecting on the comets I have seen in my lifetime. Halley’s for one. As a child, hearing about Halley’s comet and knowing I would probably live to see its next pass-by, I pictured a bright star-like object with a long tail. Well, not so much. We were in Florida during Halley’s comet, visiting the GG’s parents with our toddler Lizard Breath and her Beautiful Aunt Susie in tow. Most mornings, the GG would get up at 0-skunk-30 and schlep something like 30 miles inland to set up his telescope. That’s about the only way a person could see the comet. I may be mis-remembering but even through the scope, it looked like a teensy-tinesy little gash of light. It’s a good thing it wasn’t up to me to find it.

So now (surprise!) we get a REAL COMET WITH A LONG TAIL, just like in the cartoons, and I am not in an optimal location to view it.

I think I have said I can’t look away from watching videos of the latest Press Secretary. Today, among other things, it was something like “the President can’t focus only on COVID because he is also focused on M13 and violence in Chicago”. Not that those things are not important (except I had never heard of M13 before the Orange Baboon’s 2016 campaign and have heard almost nothing since) but…

MMCB’s husband calls Ms. McNinny (yes, I’m going to call her that) “the Barbie Press Secretary”. And yes she is somewhat reminiscent of Barbie. But then she opens her mouth. It hit me today that she is more like Chatty Cathy (google it). Pull the string at the back of her neck and she spews whatever recording is next. Something like that. I always wanted a Chatty Cathy doll but The Commander would never buy me one so I don’t really know. Anyone missing Sean Spicer at this point?

P.S. I’m not at the moomincabin. That sunset is from earlier this summer.

One Response to “Yes, I saw the comet. No, I did not get a pic.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Beautiful sunset! I can barely watch any of those people spout their inanities and outright lies. They make me sick and angry. I follow the printed word which is almost as bad, but at least I don’t have to look at them as they push their dangerous propaganda.