Pandemic shopping rules to live by

Today I got my first DELIVERY order of grocks from Meijer. I even ordered whine and they were able to deliver that. It was the Jackson Rd. Meijer and everything was seamless. Nice app (Shipt), tons of same day time slots, and a wonderful young man did my shopping and delivery. He communicated with me by text, which I prefer.

I have baggy old friends (like meeeee) who have been braving personal visits to grocery stores throughout the pandemic. “I like to pick things out myself.” Well, okay, I get that. But it depends on what it is…

If it’s some standard canned good or, I dunno, English muffins or whatever, and you can click on it, how can you go wrong? Things like that I always add a substitution note saying something like, “any kind of canned tomatoes are fine”. I am realizing that leaving this kind of thing up to the shopper is freeing in a way. So often I AGONIZE over which canned tomatoes to buy for pasta sauce. I mean, there are whole tomatoes, crushed tomatoes, diced tomatoes, etc., etc., etc. As long as they aren’t pre-flavored in some way, I CAN deal with any form factor, so who cares. I probably spend less time crushing up whole tomatoes than standing in the canned tomato aisle agonizing.

Produce? I have not had bad luck buying basic produce from ANY store. Green peppers and lemons are pretty safe and so are tomatoes. And once I was making an order at the specialty store Sparrow Meats and I put potatoes on my list and then I thought I took it off (because I had some potatoes). When I got home from curbside pickup, there was a bag of BEAUTIFUL Yukon Golds in my box. I HADN’T taken potatoes off my emailed list. I also hadn’t specified what KIND of potatoes. They ad libbed and I got beautiful potatoes.

Produce 2? I don’t order esoteric produce from large stores because I order most of it from our local Argus Farm Stop, a central location for farmers, etc., to drop off their stuff. Or if Rodent Delivery goes to the farmers market, she gets stuff for me. But from what I’ve experienced, ordering produce from a shopper works out pretty well too and I may have to do that when Old Man Winter puts us back into the old deep freeze.

Meat and seafood? Depends. Things like ground beef and packaged chicken pieces of various sorts are easy to order from any store. The apps are a little confusing when you want to order specific things like, hmmm, I want approximately 1.5 pounds of beef tenderloin that I can cube up for kebabs during our next trip to the moomincabin. I will probably order that from Sparrow. Meat is what they do and I could probably use the Plum app to order it but I’m not sure exactly how. Nevertheless I still have an order in for other stuff at Plum.

I appreciate all of these stores for providing new ways to shop and I’m sure I will return to some in-person shopping post-pandemic but I think I will still do some curbside and delivery, even if we do get rid of COVID. I used to think that post-COVID I would order food from Cubelandia and pick it up on the way home from work but now that I’m a full-time forever telecommuter, I guess that won’t happen.

Welcome to our new world and g’night from Kayak Woman.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I too have become a bit more comfortable with pick up, although I’ve had a few frustrating experiences. (not their fault, they did the best they could) You probably remember the time I got cream cheese but no bagels, and didn’t receive a few items I was counting on to go with other items. My closest store also has a very limited selection of certain products, like Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream. That’s why I accidentally ordered the nasty banana flavored ice cream. I also wish they would allow beer. I think it’s a great resource though and they do a great job generally. Like you, I have a terrible time on the canned tomato aisle, trying to avoid the flavored ones. The same with peanut butter–different types, low salt, jelly added, etc. It’s confusing!