Triplets seem to run in the FinFam or at least they have for a few generations. To be completely accurate, there is only one ACTUAL set of triplets in the sense that three babies shared a womb. They belong to one of my many 1st cousins once removed, a generation down from mine. The triplets are now college students and are wonderful young adults, good citizens all. We are proud of them.

But then there’s me and my two female first cousins, “triplet” cousins, who were all born in the same year. (I’m the oldest.) We did not live in the same city but we spent our childhood summers together at the moominbeach, the first six summers together in our grandparents’ cabin, aka the Old Cabin. We’ll talk about the “Two-Year-Old Summer” some other day.

My family built the moomincabin the summer I was six but it’s right next door to the Old Cabin so we were constantly running back and forth. The beach custom was that we didn’t knock on doors to gain entry to other cabins. We just walked right in. We also called our aunts and uncles by their first names, not prefaced by “Aunt” or “Uncle”. The cFam uses Aunt/Uncle and I am still not used to being called “Aunt Anne” or, uh, “Auntie Anne”. Auntie? But that’s their family custom and I love them so I just let it go. But honestly, I don’t have crocheted doilies draped over the back of the Green Couch.

Wouldn’t you know, us “triplet” cousins each had our first child within a year. So there are our kids in yesterday’s photoooo, “triplet” second cousins sitting on top of the alligator floaty toy we acquired on a trip to Crazy Old Florida.

I was thinking about the “erderator” (alligator in 18-month-old speak*) yesterday because one of the beach urchins and her buddy tubed part of the Huron. So I went looking for an old photooo I knew I had scanned and posted it. It was a crappy lo-res pic so today I hunted through the old photo albums, FOUND the original, photographed it with my iPhone, and posted it to Instagram, apping it in the process to “pop” it a bit. (Actually I hate the word “pop” used in the way I just used it💩)

We aren’t sure where the erderator floaty is, maybe Hoton Lake? I half-heartedly googled for alligator floaties and they exist but they are mere caricatures of the one we presumably own.

*That is, it’s the word one of my 18-month-old emergent talkers used for alligator. The other one would’ve said “alligator” plain as day.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    You are fortunate to have close cousins. Although my paternal cousins are great people, we never see each other. We live fairly far away, and didn’t develop any closeness growing up. Aunt Anne is better than Aunt Margaret. It makes me sound about 90!