We needed this but…

Best laid plans… We have not seen our Detroit daughter in person since mid-February, actually longer for the GG because he was outta town the weekend I last met up with her. So. The plan was that we would head over for a light afternoon dinner in her back yard, where we can socially physically distance. Alas, Mother Nature had other plans.

Although we aren’t in a drought, it’s high summer and it’s a pretty hot one and we haven’t been getting a whole lot of rain. The weather apps were showing a 30% chance of rain/thunderstorms for today. So often at this time of year, that means we get NO RAIN. So we were optimistic that our plans were still on. We were actually more worried about 90-degree heat and were planning around when her yard is shaded. Until today. One good rainstorm this morning and a pretty heavy one in the early afternoon.

The second one hit with pretty good winds and the tree in the pic dropped a branch. We couldn’t really see it happen but we could hear it and the neighbors reported later that it was a small branch that hit a fence. No real damage.

Although we have not had further storms, at that time the weather systems across the region still seemed a bit unsettled so we reluctantly decided to reschedule for tomorrow. The beach urchin does not have to work and I do but I’ll jump on early in the AM and then leave early.

Weather is often a consideration for traveling to and from DayTwa in the winter but rarely in the summer. If we had felt safe about an indoor meeting, we probably wouldn’t have canceled today but these are strange times as y’all well know. I feel sad about it but I’m sadder that we can’t all safely gather at the moomincabin together. That said, maybe if the “kids” go there without us baggy old bags, they’ll decide it’s more fun without us around 🐽

2 Responses to “We needed this but…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I worry about that when I come back to NY to visit. Outdoor get togethers are only possible in the summer, and sometimes not even then. I think it will drive up the covid numbers even more than they already are. Glad you’ll get to see L. tomorrow though. It’s nice that our kids are so careful, but it’s also hard.

  2. jane Says:

    I was at work this afternoon and the power was off/on several times, until it was ‘off’. Safety lights came on along with a beeping alarm, and we had some backup power for a while, but we quickly shifted from PCs to Chromebooks. And then when the wifi went out, moved to our warehouse next door. They have backup generators, so we were all set. Power came back on after 1.5 hours or so and we moved back. So no harm, no foul, but a bit of excitement and a LOT of rain.