Pandemic vignettes

1) Like I do every year, I let people know when I (and the GG if he is not off gallivanting) expect to be at the moomincabin. This was fine with all of the beach urchins (that I heard from). I mean, the beach urchins and their friends usually JOIN US THERE! Hello pandemic…

Later on, one of the beach urchins asked for some time that overlapped with the end of our scheduled time up there. We have all been practicing strict social distancing, which means that we really can’t be there together this year. Did I throw a tantrum (i.e., “IIIII called dibs on that weekend”)? NO NO NO NO NO! Did I call a lawyer? VOMIT! What did I do? I stepped aside. I am still adjusting to being a full-time forever telecommuter but it’s starting to dawn on me that I can now go up there ANY TIME because I can WORK from there. I mean, I’ve always had the ability to work from there and my managers have been cool with it but I don’t even have to ASK any more.

Even if I WASN’T a full-time forever telecommuter, I’d’ve stepped aside. I remember the days when I had to eke out whatever limited vacation time I had to spend time at the moomincabin. The beach urchins are now in that phase of life and I want them to be able to enjoy spending time up there with or without me. It’s their land too. So we will cut our next stretch of time there a little short. (But we’ll be back.)

2) This particular beach urchin moved a couple (few?) months ago. Without giving out too many details of her private life, they were living in an apartment in kind of a student ghetto environment. I think they were looking for a new place in May and given the pandemic and all the other crapola that goes with looking for affordable housing, I was a little nervous that they’d find something (nervous in a moom kinda way 🐽 as it isn’t really any of my business). One day we were texting and she said something like, “Oh I’m sure we can find a Box Apartment” and I gnoffed to myself about that. Sounded a lot like the kind of places I lived in as a college student and young adult. Well, until we bought the Landfill, that is.

A week later they had instead stumbled upon a beautiful house in the WOODS near one of our neighboring small towns. We have not been there yet. We haven’t even driven by it even though umpteen million years ago a friend of ours lived on a nearby road. We have *got* to get out there! There’s a big deck and two bathrooms and they have offered to grill. Yes yes yes yes! Moomincabin is next on the schedule though.

2 Responses to “Pandemic vignettes”

  1. Mark Says:

    Cough! Cough!

  2. Margaret Says:

    I would have stepped aside too. We can be more flexible than they can. That’s wonderful about the house!