Good mornin’ Mr. Clip Clip Clip

So the GG was doing stuff like this while I was on the other side of the window in a meeting with Amazon Woman and Mr. Bear and a bunch of other teleCubelanders. There is rarely any Big Drama at my work except when Black Thursdays happen. Meetings? Enh? I often multi-task unless I’m in the Hot Seat.

I was in the Hot Seat today because we’re dealing with designing New Functionality. Mr. Bear kept his assertive tendencies under control, Amazon Woman kept the meeting focused, and I tried my best to calmly and respectfully interact with Mr. Bear in order to translate his “vocabulary” into terms that I could understand and therefore write about in a coherent fashion. I THINK we are “goochy” now and fortunately I have the whole day tomorrow to incorporate this stuff into the documents I have to post before I head off into the land of the “midnight” sun.

Can I just say? I have a shit-ton of grocks around here and I am stressed about it. It’s all going north in a couple days and fortunately we are taking two vee-hickles plus the Lyme Lounge because otherwise I dunno what I would do. This was all supposed to be carefully planned but you know us… We are constantly traveling north to the yooperland or the northern lower and back and man oh man, schlepping food back and forth even in a non-pandemic year is a challenge. This year? I don’t even want to go there. The Landfill is not set up to accommodate stockpiles of food for the apocalypse and someday I will sort this stuff out.

I picked up HUGE orders from Plum and Sparrow yesterday and Argus delivered a big order today. I was gonna hit up the Whine Castle tomorrow but Rodent Delivery offered to pick up any last minute items and I accepted. I have been trying not to stress out Rodent Delivery. Our grocery workers are essential and they do NOT need to be harassed about masks, etc., although I don’t think that’s been a big problem at the Plum over here on the west side of the Planet Ann Arbor. But nowadays it’s getting easy enough to get curbside pickup (or delivery) anywhere in town that I don’t have to ask for Rodent Delivery all that often. As much as anything, I asked her to do the booze run because that means I’ll get to see her before we head north, even though it’ll be a masked encounter at the door.

2 Responses to “Good mornin’ Mr. Clip Clip Clip”

  1. Margaret Says:

    As you said it’s difficult enough to plan a getaway without the stresses of Covid19, and the limitations it puts on our spontaneity. Being somewhat spontaneous, it’s been rough for me!

  2. Isa Says:

    Sounds like you need a spreadsheet…