Last minute kerfluffles

Today was a MUCH calmer day than I foresaw yesterday (knock on wood). I got the bulk of my critical Cubelandia work done by early afternoon and used the remainder of the afternoon to update a document I will use to do a training presentation sometime after I get back from vacay. It needed a LOT of updating and it felt good to get it done.

And hey, laundry? I had two loads, towels/bathmat and clothing. I kicked it off with the towels and then the first little kerfluffle hit. Hey buddy, where are your masks? I want to wash masks. He has one at the ready but after much rummaging, couldn’t find the other three. Nevertheless, we persisted with the laundry and actually I palmed it all off on him. Why should I stress about the laundry? There was nothing in today’s loads that could get screwed up and he’s been doing laundry since he was 10 and we won’t go into why except nine siblings. (Eventually I found another of his masks and I’m sure the other two will surface eventually.)

I will not be visiting the Up North laundromat this summer because pandemic. I have enough clothing to last me the 10 days or so we’ll be there and there are plenty of linens at the moomincabin and I am a whiz at hand-washing, especially at the moomincabin where you can rinse things in Gitchee Gumee. Don’t look at the undies on the clothesline. Nothing to see there. At least I won’t be able to put my laundry into somebody else’s vee-hickle like I did last summer 🐽

The second minor kerfluffle involved paperwork to be signed and transported north. It was emailed here to be printed, then the GG traversed town for the signature. I saw Staples transactions come through earlier this week but had no clue what they were for (it’s not tax season). Oh, we don’t have any ink? The color cartridge he ordered the other day did not arrive on time (today) but Staples had BLACK ink cartridges in stock so we were in business. MAKE NO MISTAKE! We were MORE THAN HAPPY to facilitate this bit of paperwork. (Especially yer fav-o-rite blahgger, who was excited about the opportunity for some spacification 🐸)

I even got a few items packed into Ninja’s trunk for our journey tomorrow but I am bracing myself for the pandemonium of packing all of the other grocks tomorrow morning. Will I leave frozen chicken thighs out on Gertrude’s stovetop? Stay tuned.

2 Responses to “Last minute kerfluffles”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m glad that the preparations went smoother than expected. I’m curious about the paperwork. 😉 (I’m always curious) I think you’re like me and don’t tend to make the same mistake twice. A different one, sure. I used to always forget PJs when I went on a trip, and now I end up taking two, one in my carry on and one in my suitcase. I did forget the goggle sunglasses that I intended to wear on the plane.

  2. Margaret Says:

    And kerfuffle is one of my favorite words!