Ding Dong Dodo da Ding Dong Dodo

It was really not all that bad a drive, tandem that it was. As we were leaving the Planet Ann Arbor this morning, the GG needed gas and I didn’t. That didn’t work out too well though because we went to the Speedway or whatever the heck it is on North Maple and it wasn’t accepting his debit card. So he bailed and left and I COULD NOT GET OUTTA THERE TO SAVE MY LIFE. Why? Because there were a whole bunch of blasted lorries all over the place. Say it in a British accent if you will. At least three of them were Big George trucks.

Eventually I got outta there and caught up with Mooon Yooonit and the Lyme Lounge on northbound US23. Traffic was okay pretty much everywhere except for the right-lane passers and we don’t need to talk about them because that’s just business as usual, roight?

And then there was the Best Choice adventure. We have been talking about picking up rib-eye steaks from Best Choice in Hoton Lake for at least three days now. (That is, I was talking about rib-eyes, he was talking about prime rib. Not the same thing.) Today, we were getting close to West Branch and I noticed a missed call on my phone. We’ll talk about trying to use an iPhone while driving a 2008 manual tranny some other day. But I persisted and the question was, “Do you wanna exit at Roscommon to roadP?” Say what? The Roscommon exit is PAST the Hoton Lake exit. I asked, “does that mean we are not going to Best Choice?”

Long story short, we did go to Best Choice. I refused to enter the store. There were a lot of people around and while they WERE wearing masks, I am just not comfortable with interior spaces. The GG? Not so much. So he went in (masked, after I reminded him) and I put my mask on and walked around the Ninja a few times. Phone call from the GG. “They don’t have prime rib!” Duh. No, they don’t. Prime rib is a big cut of meat that gets roasted whole and then they slice pieces off of it, think Knight’s. It isn’t a STEAK! We want rib-eyes! Oh, he said, and that’s what we got. I was puzzled about why the GG, who has grilled about a gazillion rib-eyes, couldn’t just POINT at the steaks he wanted. Who cares what they’re called.

At the end of the trip he did not get off at Rudyard like I expected him to so I revved up to 75mph, passed him and left him in the dust. Anyway, we are here at the moomincabin and it was too HOT this afternoon to sit on the beach but eventually we got the umbrellas up and I did sit down there until I was hot enough to dunk in Gitchee Gumee and then we facetime porterized ourselves for a while and ate some good leftovers. Eggplant parm tomorrow (with fresh eggplants from Argus) and our fave Sparrow whole chicken on Sunday grilled with Frog Jam.

G’night! KW.

One Response to “Ding Dong Dodo da Ding Dong Dodo”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Glad you made it, adventures and all. I like prime rib, but not steak. With horseradish! 🙂