The Man

themanY’all do *not* want to hear me rant and rave about my homeward commute today, in which a woman behind me who was totally engrossed in a phone convo tried to run a red light. Problem. I had *stopped* at that red light [although people in the next lane over did not] and she damn near creamed my little Ninja vee-hickle. Get off da phone, fer Kee-reist! And I dunno what’s going on at the left-turn signal going from Jackson onto N. Maple but it was only letting a fraction of the vee-hickles it usually allows through it before turning yellow. I had to wait four cycles to get through it. I was not a happy camper. And then, I was [finally] on the little streets of the Landfill neighborhood and… Sigh… Some colleges are finished for the year and a couple of the usual starry-eyed young volunteers were walking around with clipboards, wearing t-shirts emblazoned with the name of one environmental organization or another. I couldn’t make out the words exactly but I saw the earth. I hate when these starry-eyed kids knock on my door. I hate it even more when they ask me if I know about this or that environmental issue. I have learned [finally] that it is best not to mention that I am a Lake Superior land-owner or whatever. That just gets them faaaarrrrred up thinking that I’m a good prospect for giving them money. Nowadays, I just say, “Yes, I know about that. I *do* read, you know.” In what I hope is a very droll sounding voice. I mean, I am not sure who they think they are talking to. Some baggy old grump, maybe? Er, yeah, maybe they are. Anyway. Kids, trolling the neighborhoods of hard-working people asking for penny-ante donations when people are just getting home from work is *not* the way to save the earth. We do care and a lot of us, especially here on the Planet Ann Arbor, fer kee-reist, are already trying to figger ways to cut down on our footprint. But the little dribs and drabs you might finagle out of the people in my neighborhood are *not* gonna change the world. Anyway, those kids were headed a different direction than my house and they haven’t been here yet unless they came while I was slodging around in the dungeon or something but I can hear the doorbell down there so maybe not. At any rate, the GG is home now, so if they ring my bell, I’ll just get him to answer the door. He’s more polite than I am.

This guy, who’s been in my “garden” since the Dark Ages, has always looked like a Courtois to me. The GG differs. Whaddy’all Courtois folks think?

8 Responses to “The Man”

  1. Kathy Farnell Says:

    I think that may be Great Great Great Uncle Schnitzel who died in early 1900’s. They made that “bust” after he died.

  2. Sam Says:

    Personally, and I’m not trying to be flip here, I like my footprints to be in the sand on the beach….

  3. isa Says:

    hmmm schnitzel is a pretty german-jewish sounding name for the courtois’….

  4. Dog Mom Says:

    Isn’t Schnitzel also a food/edible?

  5. Dog Mom Says:

    WAIT…. This wouldn’t be Uncle Wiener Schnitzel, would it????

  6. Margaret Says:

    He looks quite aristocratic! I hate people who pay more attention to their phones, reading or other activities than they do their driving. They SCARE me!!

  7. grandmothertrucker Says:

    A schnitzel in German, is steak…. is he a wiener? We don’t know, he died before we were born and before they made this bust I guess…….. looks more like a ham.

    Anyway, I have been without a computer for over a month. I pick up my laptop today. My “co-driver” got into my hotmail, deleted contacts, and all kinds of mischief, and will not let me use his while over the road. I get mine back today. Talk about wieners…I am home until Monday, so I am ignoring him for 3 glorious days. : P

  8. Kathy Farnell Says:

    I like the name Uncle Wiener Schnitzel. Lets name him that. He can be a Courtois if you want, but maybe he is related to Grandmother Truckers “co-driver” – The King of All Wieners.