Happy Birthday Pooh, Construction Sites to You!

loystvSo, it is my cousin Pooh’s birthday. I won’t say which birthday. It’s the same birthday that I celebrated a few months ago. Last year, I gave her [virtual] flowers for her birthday. This year, she gets a construction site. Sorry. Head on over to the RegenAxe life and biking blahg and wish her a happy birthday. RegenAxe is actually run by her husband, The Marquis, but she is the muse for the blahg and an occasional guest blahgger. As near as I can figure, The Marquis started his blahg last May, not too long after Pooh’s birthday. I think he does a wonderful job and he definitely spends more time tweaking RegenAxe than I do ababsurdo, which is *crying* for a re-do. [What do you do for a living, woman? Anything to do with websites?] Yeah. Anyway, The RegenAxes (Pooh and The Marquis) live in the beautiful city of St. Louis, MO and they bicycle whenever they can, which is pretty much every day these days, as near as I can figger. Even though I walk every day, I think they are getting better exercise than I am. You go, kiddos!

So, this is the corner of N. Maple and Dexter in Ann Arbor. And I suppose if you are a stalker or a terrorist you know where I live, more of less, because I walked to this construction site to take pictures. Except I do not know why anyone would want to stalk an old bag like me. Grok grok. Yeah, ya wudd’n wanna hav enything t’ do with Ol’ Baggy cuz she’ll tawk y’ t’ deth. I don’t know how much business Loy’s TV had in later years. dextermillerOnce when we came home from a summer vacation in the Great White North, our little kitchen TV was dead from lightning and they fixed it for something like $70. I’m not sure how well that business did in later days. We keep TVs until they smoke when you turn them on but I’m not sure everyone else does.

What is supposed to go in on this little northwestern corner of the Planet Ann Arbor is an Aldi’s grocery store. And a little mini-plaza to go with it. A mini-plaza that currently needs tenants according to the realtor’s sign that’s on the property. I dunno. There used to be a bunch of businesses on this corner. Loy’s and a swimming pool business and several automotive vee-hickle type businesses and a vacuum cleaner business. Businesses that were viable enough to open in a different location have moved. I’m not sure about Loy’s. Who will move in? Boutiques? I do not know. Apparently there’s space to rent. Sigh.

Oh yeah! Knight’s Steakhouse is not going anywhere! It is not affected by this development. Yay! It’s our default restaurant, the one we can walk to and have a ‘hattan and *walk* home from!


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