Blueberry delirium

Whaddya wanna do today? Well… I WANTED to slug around on the beach reading and walking and watching the botes. I knew that wouldn’t fly though. So… Let’s go out in the county and scout for blueberry patches.

I don’t have one iota of Blueberry Picking DNA but the GG does and the moomincabin blueberry crop is a dud this year. So off we went in Mooon Yooonit. We took a slow cruise along the forest roads past the Delirium Wilderness and the Sullivan Fish Hatchery and eventually ended up at Betchler Lakes. There are usually beaucoup blueberries at Betchler but today? Nada. Those plants, like our plants, are not productive this year.

Our trip then sorta degenerated into looking for every North Country Trail crossing in the area and checking out the signage and there was something about piles of gravel that I didn’t understand… It was okay at first but then it got a bit obsessive and I finally re-directed us. I stated that what I really wanted to do was go back up to Raco and take the Old Brimley Grade Road to, uh, well, wherever it ends up. I couldn’t remember. Turns out that it doesn’t end up in Brimley. Instead we found ourselves on Plantation Road and more about that some other day but Plantation dumped us off onto the “res” right near the big casino. (No we did not visit the casino.)

My STRONG suggestion to take the Old Brimley Grade Road unexpectedly led us to some good blueberry patches. And for me… I’VE BEEN HERE BEFORE! I was a young 20-something and I went on a blueberry picking excursion with my cousin UKW and her parents, Radical Betty and Duke, who she was visiting. UKW *does* have Blueberry Picking DNA (in SPADES) and I went along in order to spend time with her and because I knew it would be fun even if I had to pick a few blueberries in solidarity.

Lewie Read was the driver. He was a life-long bachelor friend and contemporary of those in my parents’ generation. Duke was in the front seat with Lewie and Lewie was going on and on about a “cat house” in Raco. Radical Betty was in the back seat with UKW and me and she was all ears. A cat house? a *cat house*? Lewie knows where there’s a cat house? In Raco? As most of the rest of us had already figgered, he was talking about a BUILDING THAT STORES BULLDOZERS, not a, well, you know. I can’t say there wouldn’t ever be a brothel in Raco but if you’ve ever seen Raco, you might wonder where it might be. Bulldozer storehouse? Totally believable.

Anyway, the terrain looked totally familiar to me today and when the GG hopped out of Mooon Yooonit to check out the blueberry bushes, they are producing and he is gonna head out there tomorrow to pick! Have fun, buddy!

One Response to “Blueberry delirium”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Blueberries are my favorite berry (good ones!) and I am an expert picker. I was even the field boss in a blueberry field! I like random detours that end up bearing “fruit.” 🙂