Public appearance

Today marks the first time I have gone into any kind of business or governmental establishment since I bought liqwire at the Whine Castle on the way home from Cubelandia on March 12.

Today it was the Secretary of State and I needed to be there in person to transfer the title for an old putt-putt motorbote that belonged to my dad to meeeee (and the GG). I was reeeeallly nervous about this. The GG had organized what paperwork was needed (dad’s death certificate and a couple other things) but I didn’t realize until we got there that I. Had. To. Go. In. There. Alone. I have been inside exactly three indoor spaces since March 13. My house on The Planet Ann Arbor, the moomincabin, and Lizard Breath’s Detroit home long enough to (very carefully) use the water closet.

In the end, the GG was able to come in with me and the transfer happened smoothly. A very limited number of people were allowed inside at a time and masks were required. The counters were disinfected between customers. Two things bothered me. One was that I was NOT six feet away from the only other person at the counter. More like three. The second was that whatever he needed to do couldn’t happen because a female partner or whatever was not there because she “was not feeling well”. That is a LOADED thing to say in this day and age and I sincerely hope she was having “female problems” and not COVID-19 problems.

It was high time we got this bote transfer thingy done since my dad has been gone for 14 years. “Is Mom still alive?” No (8 years). “Any other siblings?” None living (15 years, sigh). We weren’t sure if it would be easy for us to put the GG’s name on the bote but that turned out to be a no brainer. A good thing since he is really the only person who ever uses the bote. In fact, around these parts it is referred to as “Bill’s Bote”.

I have to note that the last time I visited the Sault Ste. Siberia Secretary of State was when The Commander and I LOST her drivers license when she was living in the hospital rehab facility. We had made a visit to her home and for the life of me I can’t figger what happened except that she carried all kinds of paperwork in the seat of her walker and I can only guess it fell out of there. Yes, that was a chaotic period of time.

She was NOT driving any more and so didn’t really need a license but it was a link to her previously independent life and dignity, so after a couple weeks of increasingly contentious discussions about it, I gathered paperwork, took her up to the SOS, and helped her get a replacement. At that point she had car keys, garage door openers, and a drivers license. Her car? Locked up in the moomincabin garage where NO ONE would take her 🐽

P.S. That photooo is me taking a reflection photooo of myself in the back window last night after a big hatch of some kind of insect.

One Response to “Public appearance”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I have been in more places than you, but reluctantly and trying to keep far away from people. (masked of course) I hate this new reality we are living in and how it makes me FEEL. I don’t like to be this fearful, timid person… Anyway, glad you got it all taken care of!