Polly-tickle thoughts aside…

…because boy oh boy did I have plenty of those today. But I’ll just describe some of our goings-on today and start a mini-tour of our 60-year-old rustic seasonal cabin on the big lake they call Gitchee Gumee.

Pandemic shopping… I had a Meijer Shipt order in for 8-9 AM. It got delayed a couple times, which was okay because it was a BEE-YOO-TY-FUL morning on the beach and that gave us time to have some coffee and for the GG to take a bote ride. Eventually my shopper texted me and he was great! We got everything we asked for… except… a little later I was wondering where is the terlet bowl cleaner? At first I thought it got lost in a minor kerfuffle where the GG jumped out to “help” because Mooon Yooonit’s back end is filled with chain saws and other crapola and there wasn’t enough room back there for the number of bags on the cart our shopper hauled out. Uh, those were NOT all OUR bags. I eventually double-checked my receipt and found that the terlet bowl cleaner was not in stock. I had anticipated that as a possibility and specified NO SUBSTITUTION because The Works (not Green Works) is the ONLY terlet bowl cleaner that disappears the mineral stains that come from our well water.

After Meijer we got some non-ethanol bote gas from Holiday and then I said let’s take a slow drive thru town and by the locks and somehow we ended up getting takeout burgers from the West Pier drive-in, even though we are historically a Clyde’s family. I have to say they were as good as Clyde’s and LESS MESSY but Clyde’s will probably still be our go-to. You can’t stop patronizing a place you remember your GRANDMA driving you to for dinner.

Okay, so moomincabin tour, part 1. We call this the “back” door. Back is toward the woods/swamp/road (to us), front is toward the beach. We have one other door here, the “front door”. It isn’t actually on the “front” of the moomincabin. It is on the west side. So behind me and to my, hmmm, right. When it is hot here, we have the ability to switch out the door windows with screens. So here is the “back” door with the window panel in.

It’s relatively warm today and I had some minor stove-top cooking to do so I changed out the window panel for the screen panel. That allows a bit of coolness to come in from the swamp on a day like today when that’s where most of the breezes are coming from. So I pulled the window out of the back door and replaced it with the screen. That metal-type bar down toward the bottom is so that KW (meeee) doesn’t push the screen out when she hits the door with her butt. You can’t see my freshly washed undies drying out on the back PRail. Oh, maybe you can see a wee bit. No laundromats this summer.

Finally, there are four of these devices on each door. I use a flathead screwdriver to turn each of them to the correct position so that the window or screen can be moved out and replaced.

This is rustic northern great lakes living and I love it.

2 Responses to “Polly-tickle thoughts aside…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I think I would enjoy that cabin, as long as it wasn’t too rustic. 🙂 John and I will do some camper-ing this summer, so I’m hoping that goes well. People I know are getting away from flying and hoteling and getting much more into motor homing, camper-ing and tent camping.

  2. Sam Says:

    You are right about “The Works” being effective with UP-style limey, mineral-y water stains; we buy two at a time! I sometimes use it for the shower and sinks, too….