And the GG scores!

Some terlet bowl cleaner! The good stuff that cleans the mineral stains from the well water outta the terlet bowl. You don’t even have to scrub. Just spray it around the bowl under the rim and the color magically disappears.

I dunno why but this stuff is *sold* at all the major grokkery stores but they are often out of it. That’s pre-COVID but may be worse now. I was almost OUT here at the moomincabin. I’d’ve had more hanging around but I try not to over-winter liquids at the cabin because the place freezes solid and sometimes bottles break upon thawing. Who KNEW this summer would be a frickin’ pandemic. I CAN store terlet bowl cleaner at the Landfill. Anyway, I couldn’t get it at Meijer so I ordered a couple bottles on Amazon. They’ll probably eventually get delivered (to the Landfill) but since the USPS is the delivery method, we’ll see what happens. If they ever do arrive, I will be MORE THAN READY for NEXT summer.

At any rate, the GG was heading to the [shiny new True Value] hardware store in Brimley this morning and he asked if I needed anything. I rarely need anything from the hardware store so I was about to say no and then it hit me that hardware stores often carry esoteric cleaning products so yeah, The Works! But they probably won’t have it and no substitutes. But! Voila! There he was walking up the driveway with a bottle of our special terlet bowl cleaner in hand.

And so here is a view into our looooovvvverly moomincabin bathroom. We built this place when I was six years old and can I just say at that time in my life, I never wanted for ANYTHING but we were NOT in any way shape or form close to anything resembling “rich”. My parents handed a construction/contractor friend of my dad a small amount of money and said something like, “What can you build for this?” It was VERY small but it has always had some sorta charm, particularly the three BIG picture windows. Those were salvaged from an old store front (and are not shown in this post).

Throughout my childhood, the space in the second pic was called The Little Room. It did not have running water or bathroom fixtures. It was a dark, cluttered warren of storage shelves with just enough space that you could change into your bathing suit or nightgown or whatever without your little brother watching you. Bathroom? We used our outhouse for “body functions” and Gitchee Gumee for bathing. Of course, we swam EVERY day no matter the weather so we were rarely very dirty.

The writing was on the wall when The Commander acquired a daughter-in-law and The Little Room was converted into a bathroom albeit one of the smallest bathrooms on earth. That tub/shower is actually an RV outfit (yes I know RVs have MUCH fancier bathrooms these days) and she had trouble talking someone into installing one in an actual dwelling, humble as ours is.

I didn’t show you the terlet. It’s just a small white terlet and it’s clean but who the heck wants to look at a terlet? You can guess where it is…

2 Responses to “And the GG scores!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That bathroom looks luxuriously large compared to the one in John’s camper, which I’m assuming I’ll get to use in the near future. What kind of stains does the toilet get? My toilets get that hard water mark and I would love to find something that didn’t require me to use a pumice stone to get it off. Would that product work for me?

  2. Jay Says:

    I don’t think I have ever been in that bathroom.