Yooper failure

When I was packing for this trip to the yooperland, I considered packing a pair of smartwool leggings. And made a conscious decision NOT to. I am a native yooper and a little nagging voice in the back of my head was saying something like, “Bad idea, KW!” Nevertheless, I didn’t persist. We had a bunch of hot humid weather and then August rolled in and the wind started coming out of the [frickin’] NORTHEAST. That’s a COLD wind. It shifted a weeeee bit to the NW today. That’s [usually] a warmer wind but it also increased in speed. Was it COLD on the moominbeach? Yes! It was even COLD on the moomindeck.

Oh, where are my leggings? Oh WHEEEERE are my leggings? Why did I not pack my leggings? I KNOW BETTER THAN THAT! Then… I was organizing my two suitcases into clean and dirty clothing and… Lo and behold, there was a pair of CLEAN red tights! I had packed those for the Memorial Weekend trip and never used them UNTIL TODAY. Nice and cozy.

What I did NOT fail at was mailing my absentee ballot in for the August primary. I can’t remember exactly what day I mailed it but I tracked it via ballotpower.org and it was received by the city clerk WELL in advance of the election.

I will not be mailing my November absentee ballot. Mail delivery started getting “squirrely” back in March when COVID hit. I figgered it would smooth out after a while but it never really did and it has been crazier than ever this summer. We don’t always get deliveries (I know there’s at LEAST junk mail). Mail trucks deliver at unpredictable times. Mail folks park in front of my house and hang out for like 20-30 minutes before getting around to delivering mail. Packages ordered spend uncountable numbers of days languishing at some facility in Detroit or wherever.

Now I’m hearing that the Orange Baboon replaced the Postmaster General with one of his cronies earlier in the summer? And the crony has changed a bunch of rules/procedures to “reduce costs”? Is this stuff true? I do not know. I do know that the mail has been squirrely as hell for months now and it has only gotten worse this summer. That’s a personal observation and not something I learned from NPR or Nancy Pelosi. I’ve been sitting on the Green Couch telecommuting since the beginning of this and I see what’s going on.

Therefore, I do not trust the postal service for now. Oh, I mean, it’s okay for junk mail and stuff like that. Almost everything I do that may have once required the mail, I do online now anyway. Probably 95% of our mail goes straight into the recycle cart without even entering the Landfill.

But… 1) I will vote absentee in the November election. 2) I will NOT trust the US Postal Service with my ballot. I will drop it off in a ballot box downtown at the City Clerk’s office WELL before election day, hoping there will not be a crowd of people doing the same thing because COVID… 3) Guess which presidential candidate I am going to vote for 🐽

One Response to “Yooper failure”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Yes, all of that is quite true. The OB doesn’t want mail in/absentee voting. Too many people would vote! (and not for him) How cold is cold? Cute leggings!