Checkin’ in, checkin’ out

Before I left on this vacay, because I am such a goody two-shoes, I told Amazon Woman I would check in via my work laptop to see what was going on with the building I have schlepped to for all these years and is now going away. The main thing was that there is a schedule for all of us to enter the building and remove everything we want from our cubes. There isn’t much in mine but that’ll be a story for another day and I’ll tell it then. I finally checked my email today. A plan is in place and my scheduled date is fine with me.

Mouse/Raccoon are checking in to the moomincabin later tonight and weeee are checking out tomorrow morning. Any other year we would all be together at least for the overnight but this is not any other year and it doesn’t seem prudent to share space with anyone you haven’t been isolated with for months on end, not to mention that Mouse/Raccoon are grocery workers. Fortunately we do not have to sleep in the same space because we can sleep in the Lyme Lounge, which we have been doing anyway because we LIKE to sleep in the Lyme Lounge. It’s pretty awful to not be able to hang out with your kids (not to mention grandchildren, which I don’t have but sooo many friends do and so hard). Any other year, we would welcome our children to the moomincabin with hugs and ‘hattans. This year freezer ‘hattans will have to do.

I had to laugh (what else can you do?). Mouse and I were texting about what food was here and what she might need to bring up. At one point I reminded her that Meijer does a great job on curbside pickup. I also said something like “this seems like a ridiculous thing to say to a grocery worker”. Mouse/Raccoon have been going INSIDE Meijer since the beginning and they work in grokkery stores, albeit “upscale” stores in relatively liberal areas. I don’t think they have personally had to deal with the mask policing issue but PLEASE remember that whatever you think about masks, grocery workers are risking their lives to provide you with food. It isn’t their fight to fight so wear yer damn mask and shaddup.

So it finally warmed up enough for me to take off my tights and socks sometime this afternoon. These pics are from the moomincabin living room over the last couple days. The first is the GG sitting in my dad’s regular seat back in the day. In the second, I was sitting in that rocking chair taking a pic of the GG. That is our not up to code stairway to the sleeping loft. The Commander always used to sit in the rocking chair in her later years, which blocked access to get to the stairway/ladder. It drove me crazy but now I sit there too…

Except not so much this summer because I have been outside most of the time.

I bet these would rate high on @RoomRater 🐽

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I laughed because my late husband was a stair builder and he would say that that staircase is definitely not up to code! 🙂 I am a grandparent now and I hate being so distant from all my kids. I also dislike being separated from my parents and brother who live in the same town. But I think(?) it’s the right thing to do. It’s very hard though.