Found this photoooo on my phone yesterday afternoon. I guess I “took” it Tuesday evening? It wasn’t intentional but it’s kinda cool in an almost painterly sorta way.

I am WIPED! Today was a driving day, at least for meeeee. It was fine except for when the maintenance light came on in my 12-year-old vee-hickle. I hate dashboard lights with a passion but I didn’t panic. I just hit the “select” button and it said oil life 10% or something. That means I need an oil change so not a big deal. This particular vee-hickle (knock on wood) has NEVER given us one iota of trouble. The taaaaar light used to come on with great frequency and usually that was basically nothing except a tire was just a weeeeee bit low on pressure. I grew somewhat complacent about it until the day it came on as I was driving to Cubelandia and when I left in the afternoon, I had a flat tire. Nail. I don’t really know how to change a taaaar so I had to call the GG. Well, actually I *theoretically* know how to change a tire but have never successfully changed one and didn’t want to spend the next hour dredging up the tools and figgering out to use them. He just, uh, changed it.

This was another non-stop solo pandemic trip down and I made myself SIT and DRINK a BIG glass of WATER when I got home. And then I kinda SAT for a while, eventually gearing up to throw some laundry in and move chairs around the back yard because my cousins were bringing My Dear Uncle Harry over for socially distanced pizza and whine. And that worked out well because the last thing I wanted to do this afternoon was cook, even though it wouldda just been meeee and I brought back a bunch of leftovers. PLUS! Two big refrigerator bags of frozen meat, etc. that I DIDN’T USE! Why did I think we needed so much food for a two week sojourn at the moomincabin? I do not know. It’s now in the Landfill freezer and I guess we’ll use it up eventually.

I’ll cut this boring bunch of blather off now because obviously I do not have much to say. You’re welcome. G’night.

One Response to “Accidental”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You probably took too much because of the pandemic; normally we would run to the grocery store if we ran out of stuff, but not now. So, you overprepared, which makes sense. I love pizza and now have a craving for it! Hope it was a very nice distanced dinner!