On a normal day in a normal year…

After returning from the moomincabin to the Planet Ann Arbor, like just a year ago, I wouldda probly gone out to a couple o’ grokkery stores to stock up. I got back yesterday and I didn’t need to do any immediate grokkery shopping. That was a good thing because I was having a HARD TIME figgering out what the heck we needed, not to mention where/when to obtain it from. As much as I love grocery pickup and delivery, I still struggle a bit with it.

So I have a pickup order into the Plum Market for tomorrow morning and I’m planning to put in a delivery order to Argus tomorrow and I’ll probably hit up the Whine Castle for for some stuff and I hope nobody notices the, er, rifles in the trunk when I do my pickups. I guess I should remove them…

Experimenting a bit, I have set up an account with Daily Harvest for what seem to be prepared meals, sorta. I have not been entranced with the idea of services like Blue Apron. I’m not crazy about the idea of somebody somewhere packaging every little bitty thing in plastic or whatever and sending it to me. But this sounds kind of good and I got wind of it via one of my 1st cousins once removed. A young family that I am in awe of.

Poldark series? Yes. Reading the books and watching the series. On my phone.

2 Responses to “On a normal day in a normal year…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I enjoyed my experiences with Hello, Fresh and may give them a try. It looks like I would have to sign up for 3 meals a week though, and I would prefer two. As you noted, there is a lot of packaging, but it absolves the need to shop for a bunch of ingredients and is a welcome change from my normal diet.

  2. Tonya Watkins Says:

    We used Blue Apron for a couple of years and for the most part really liked it. I’ve switched over to Green Chef because they had a low-carb option, and it’s really good, too. Definitely packaging issues, but not having to shop for the ingredients OR think about “what’s for dinner?” three nights a week makes it worthwhile. Some labor intensity, but there usually would be anyhow.