Underwear Boyz

I spent the morning reorganizing my Pandemic Grock Stash and flinging cardboard boxes and empty returnables (and a kayak that was in my way) around. So I didn’t think I had much to talk about today. But then Facebook delivered…

Five. Five? Yes. Five years ago the GG retaaarrred from his long career as a government employee over at “That Darn” EPA. I was not ready to retire yet (still not) and I was NOT all that happy about him retiring. I liked our little routine where we both went to our jobs and I got a wee bit of SPACE at both ends of the day.

But whatever, he had been working since he was 10 or thereabouts, starting with a paper route, and getting held up at a gas station a couple times in high school, and factory work at Hamtramck Assembly during college summers, before a long career as a computer scientist. How could I complain if he wanted to step aside?

I did make two rules. 1) He could NOT hang around in his underwear. 2) No beard. Mustaches are okay until he starts resembling John Bolton 🐽

He retired during a spring that one of our beach urchins was between apartments (new one was undergoing renovation) and she was also playing Hamlet at the time so she decamped to a temporary berth in the Lyme Lounge, which was in our driveway, as it often is.

I arrived home from Cubelandia one afternoon to find a VERY INCENSED beach urchin. It was a hot early summer afternoon and the GG was doing yard work in the FRONT YARD. IN HIS UNDERWEAR. Not exactly tighty whities but pretty close. I mean. Our neighborhood is beautiful but it is also somewhat densely populated and there is a steady stream of dog-walkers and other folks going by.

It’s pretty hard for me to keep the GG from doing whatever he wants to do but being caught out by his DAUGHTER may have influenced him because I haven’t seen him out there in his undies since. (We’ll talk about our late neighbor Burke and his nocturnal nude forays into his back yard some other time.)

The GG is part of a litter, meaning he has an identical twin (the UU aka the Uncliest Uncle). The UU retired earlier this summer and today his wife, The Beautiful Gay, posted a pic of him working in his garage in his underwear. Their house is in the woods up near Gaylord and none of the neighbors have a good sight-line to their house or garage or yard so it’s a little different.

Pic is one a beach urchin sent me from the moominbeach, taken from inside the cabin I think. I am on The Planet Ann Arbor today.

One Response to “Underwear Boyz”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Beautiful photo! I also worked from the time I was 10, picking berries and then working my way into other jobs in the agricultural or berry/pickle plants. So, I was definitely ready to retire although I thought I would do so at 60, and wasn’t in the mood then. (but I was at 61!) I can’t say that retirement has been easy for me(you know better, as a blog reader), but I’ve never done anything in my underwear. I do get the paper and turn on the sprinkler in my robe though. Does that count? 😉