That’s the sound of yer fav-o-rite blahgger thumping down onto the Green Couch for her first day back at teleCubelandia following some vacay. It was kind of a slow start but that was a good thing. This phase of our design/development cycle turned out to be a good time for me to take time off.

Eventually things sped up as people figgered out I was back. I think they had been cutting me a little slack but eventually questions, et al, started coming in.

I couldn’t help but remember coming back to Cubelandia after a vacation many years ago, back when the LSCHP was running the show. Since I have a work ethic that regularly knocks me upside the head, I made sure to get there bright and early on my first day back. Nobody else was there! Nobody else was there until something like 10 AM! The LSCHP himself didn’t roll in until maybe an hour after that. Why was I in such a rush to get there early? I do not know. Except maybe that I am a Morning Person and most mornings (there are exceptions), I am up and at it.

It was waaaaayyyy too hot/humid today to work inside without A/C. I didn’t wanna turn that on because I much prefer having the doors and windows open so I can hear the sounds of the birds and insects cement (or whatever it is) being poured on the next door neighbors’ new driveway. I eventually decamped to the back yard where there was at least an intermittent breeze.

🐭 texted this pic from the moominbeach so I stole it because the only photooos I took today were pics of the dials on the gas grill 🐽, which *I* needed to start and couldn’t remember the GG’s instructions. I am actually afraid of gas stoves and grills but I don’t think I am afraid of this one any more because after some confusion over “clockwise” and “counter-clockwise” vs. “right” and “left”, I successfully got it going without anything blowing up and I have now internalized the procedure for starting it. Yay me. And the pic is a “plassover” (another word in moomincabin lingo coined by Radical Betty). Cananananada is getting clobbered and the moominbeach is dry.

One Response to “Ka-whomp!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s a great expression for that phenomenon. I did NOT like the gas stoves that I had to deal with in New York. I adapted but much prefer my electric range. Many of my friends are trying to figure out how the school year is going to work and doing all sorts of professional development about on-line teaching, etc. I do NOT envy them at all.