“Things that spiral and create great devastation”

At the end of all yesterday’s heat and humidity, all kinds of fugly storms were predicted for the Chicago area. I wasn’t wishing for a tornado or derecho but I was hoping a little bit of the associated rain and maybe some thunder would come our way. Alas, it all petered out well before it got to us. So a pretty swampy night.

If you bothered to click on the derecho link, it talks about a 1980 storm that I and many other long-time Planet Ann Arbor denizens remember all too well. The sky turned midnight green at 9:00 AM and trees went down all over town including MANY in West Park, which was across the street from the apartment we rented back in those days. I didn’t know the term derecho until about 2008 and like many other folks I still call it The Green Storm.

Lots of talk about various kinds of storms reminded me of my beloved aunt Radical Betty, shown here in her witch hat and bat glasses. She never lost her senses but toward the end of her life she, like so many other people, sometimes had trouble pulling out the correct word. We were puzzled for a minute once when she started talking about “things that spiral and create great devastation”. We quickly realized she was talking about tornadoes! We all (including Betty) had a great laugh and those of us she left behind are STILL laughing about it.

Cheers to Kamala! I couldn’t really “warm up” to her when she was running for prez but I agree that she’s a good choice. I *did* warm up to Stacy Abrams and I *love* #BigGretch but not sure either of them are quite ready for that high an office (at least in the current climate) and we need #BigGretch here in the Great Lake State for now. And NO NO NO NO, I am NOT a communist or even a socialist. And anyway, what do those labels really mean? I bet if you asked 100 people to define them, you’d get 100 different definitions. That’s enough for now. I have thoughts brewing about all this but I have not turned them into words yet. I am also not well-versed in political science but I can read and I have critical thinking skills and I am entitled to an opinion.

Soooo glad Radical Betty and her s-i-l (my moom) The Commander did not live to see the Trumpian Bombasty. They would’ve been foaming at the mouth. And they voted for *Republicans* when I was a kid, at least The Commander did.

7 Responses to ““Things that spiral and create great devastation””

  1. Tonya Watkins Says:

    I’ve thought of that, too, how my mom would be a big exploding head if she’d lived to see the Trumpian Bombasty. She also didn’t get to see Obama as president, and I believe she would have liked him very much. I swear I can hear her voice in my ear about trump: “He is such a SNOT!” Yep. My descriptions of him are a bit more colorful than that.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I think Kamala Harris was a good pick! My mom and dad were thrilled to see Obama get elected, and have been appalled and devastated by Trump. (especially my dad) What makes it worse is that my brother and sister-in-law are Trumpies. The world seems upside down these days.

  3. Jay Says:

    When I was visiting home early in the Trump period my Mother declared her concern for our country with that idiot in office.

  4. Pooh Says:

    Jay, I’m guessing that Mom said, “… that IDIOT in office!”

    You know that she had a certain tone and VOLUME for opinions like that. Also for fire-starting procedures. 😉

  5. UU Says:

    Kamaltoe Harris is an Asian/Jamaican. Her family got rich off of slave trading.

    By they way, that “idiot in office” has accomplished more in 3 years than BO in 8.

    Hey, wasn’t that 1980 storm at the time of the Republican Convention? I remember that well. We were in Albion.

  6. UU Says:

    On announcement of Kamaltoe, the market dropped 250 points. That’s a ringing endorsement!

  7. Mark Axe Says:

    @UU your reference to the Democratic VP is obscene.