“”Moom can I borrow the Ninja, Daisy is making a terrible noise and we are taking her in.” Daisy is 15 years old and she is a Honda Civic but maybe she’s nearing the end of her long Honda life. Anyway, the answer was “Yes of COURSE you can borrow the Ninja. I am not driving anywhere and if I DO need to drive somewhere, I can take Mooon Yooonit.”

So I left the Ninja’s keys on the porch and the beach urchin walked over here from work (a few blocks away) to pick her up. After a short masked convo through the front door screen, we bowed goodbye and then I heard, “Moom, do you know there is a spider web INSIDE your car? Well, hmmm, noooo. (LOL) When was the last time I drove my Ninja anywhere? It was Saturday when I did a couple curbside pickups. Except no, it was Sunday. I moved it out into the street because I knew that Mooon Yooonit was on its way down to the Planet Ann Arbor pulling the Lyme Lounge, which needed to be backed into the driveway.

No one was freaked out about Spidey. We have two poisonous spiders in the Great Lake State, the black widow and the brown recluse. They are dangerous but they are rare. I dunno what kind of webs they spin buet but (buet?) this was a familiar looking web that I see everywhere all the time and I don’t think it was made by either one of those spiders. Embiggen to see the web better.

We don’t own Daisy any more but we are her original owners and we bought her just after my brother died in June 2005 and sometime I will (again) write about the craziness of that whole crisis, including buying a new car in the middle of it. It is actually my brother’s birthday today. He would’ve been 63. Miss you buddy.

2 Responses to “Spidey”

  1. Pooh Says:

    We miss you Jim!

  2. Liz Says:

    Almost every time I drive back from up north, I find there is a spider in my car the next time I get in it.