Flinging again

If you know me or are one of my five long-time readers, you know I started a flinging prodject somewhere around 15 years ago. Some people call it Death Cleaning but I wasn’t planning on going anywhere any time soon when I began and still am not. I just wanted to get rid of a whole bunch of crapola that I didn’t need or use and simplify my life. I did pretty well on that for a few years and then The Commander died and, well, you know I ended up with a bunch of her crapola. She *had* been Death Cleaning during the six years since my dad died but they had lived in their house since I was in college and things do accumulate, even if you try NOT to accumulate them.

And yes, we could have had an estate sale but she lived in my paternal grandparents’ house and there were certain valuable heirlooms going back to the 1800s that needed to stay in the family and I just wasn’t gonna go there.

In the last few years I’ve been a little stymied. I can’t articulate why. I’m not sure I even know why. I could blame how busy my job got after the company laid off a bunch of people but it wasn’t really that. Maybe I just needed a break?

About the second weekend after the start of COVID telecommuting, the GG was peering around the Landfill and asked something like, “I wonder if there’s something we could fling?” I know a lot of people cleaned their closets back in those early days. I was NOT READY. I was living in a state of low-level anxiety at the time. When am I gonna wake up in the middle of the night coughing? Is that a touch of a sore throat? I couldn’t even listen to the news although somehow reading it via Twitter was okay. Young grocery-worker relatives reporting mild symptoms did nothing to reduce my anxiety.

Eventually I found contact-free ways to obtain supplies without over-taxing my Rodent Delivery Service and things kind of settled down at least for those of us who were willing to comply with the stay-at-home rules. I still wasn’t ready to re-start flinging. Where would I start? I did not know.

I became a full-time telecommuter a month or so ago and TODAY I finally figgered out where to re-start my flinging! I flung [most of] my biz-caz clothing! I will never wear [most of] that stuff again! I started with the summer weight knit jackets I [used to] wear over tank tops. Except for the Red Plaid jacket. I got rid of some skirts but not ALL of them. I love some of them too much. When you are flinging, it’s okay if you keep some things for later consideration. Then I bagged up a whole bunch of hangers (clothes hangers, not steaks).

The only issue now is where to dispose of this stuff… Our fave drop-off Kiwanis Thrift Shop seems to be dormant. I hope COVID hasn’t killed it forever. I dunno if anyone anywhere wants my biz-caz castoffs anyway. Maybe they will end up being recycled as cleaning rags? Who knows. I don’t really care. I just don’t want to recycle them myself.

Am I on a roll? A flinging roll, I mean. I do not know. I hope so.

Kebabs (beef filet from Sparrow plus veggies) here at the Landfill tonight. I caged/skewered everthing HOURS ago and told the Grillmaster that we were having kebabs and then MUCH LATER he said something like, “I am cooking that?” Yes. Yes you are. I do not cook kebabs in the oven and you know that. JEEBUS.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Did it feel weird to get rid of your biz caz clothes? I still have my teacher clothes, although I should get rid of most of them. I need to fling a bunch of stuff in the garage, but it’s Patt’s and I don’t know what to do with it or how emotional I’ll get going through it. So…I keep putting it off.