This is not your grandma’s House Dress

So I am SEEEEEETHING about all of the colleges that have “opened up” and immediately had to “close up”. What were they thinking? Our own Moo-U abruptly moved their classes online today. I wonder how long it’ll take for UMich to follow suit. I hope they do because I DO NOT WANT all of those folks in my town spreading COVID as they will. I am pretty happy hanging out here at the Landfill indefinitely but someday I might want to actually want to visit a few stores again so please y’all, stay home!


I could go on and on about that but WTF is this whole House Dress trend that I’ve been hearing about. I remember my grandma ALWAYS wearing a dress and usually it was one of those silky-type patterned dresses. I barely remember her dressed in anything else except once in a VERY early memory a black bathing suit, swimming at the moominbeach. Pants? Maybe but I don’t remember. She was the bestest grandma on earth and I didn’t care what she wore 🧡

I have disconnected memories about what The Commander wore when I was a little kid. There may have been a House Dress or two when I was really young but they were a little different than Grandma’s (Google House Dress 1950 if you’re interested). And she also wore pants. Sometimes.

I wore pants a lot as a child but then all of a sudden I had to wear skirts to school in junior high. I always thought wearing pants was because it was frickin’ cold in the yooperland in the winter and walking to school was inviting frost bite but then why did they make us wear skirts to junior high? I dunno. We won the battle to wear “slacks” to school in 10th grade and the next year we moved to a newly built school and all the rules fell out the window and we wore jeans and hot pants and whatever we wanted. Bigger fish to fry…

Here we are in 2020. Apparently people are making money selling House Dresses to women (and maybe men, why not?). Yes, we are apparently calling them House Dresses here in 2020.

Although I have often worn pants in my life, long ago I decided I preferred skirts. And so here I am with my own personal 2020 version of the House Dress. It is a tie-dyed t-shirt above a beautiful blue flouncy skirt. It isn’t anything like the House Dresses my moom and grandma wore. But nobody seems to care what I wear and this outfit is really comfortable and you can guess at what might be underneath it (or not) 🐽

One Response to “This is not your grandma’s House Dress”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I am a leggings/shorts/tee-shirt type with a sweatshirt over that if it’s cool. I do miss getting a bit more dressed up, which for me would be white capris and a long blouse. Now that I’m not going out anywhere, my clothing choices have become very boring. House Dress trend, eh? I hadn’t heard of that. And the colleges? I will repeat this sarcasm: if only we could have predicted this…(duh)