Beep beep beep you permakink hoser

Beep beep beep… … … Beep beep beep… … … Jeebus what IS that noise? It was coming from the driveway. It almost sounded like a bird… Except it was always the same and seemed like it was coming from the same location. But where? By late last evening I had convinced myself it was a bird. The GG? Couldn’t hear it! This morning? Beep beep beep… … … I was just about ready to set up a stopwatch on my iPhone and try to determine if there was a regular interval between sets of beeps when the GG came in the front door holding a carbon monoxide detector. From the Lyme Lounge. I guess he could finally hear it. Of course maybe he went *inside* the Lyme Lounge. I hope it didn’t disturb the neighbors’ sleep…

Blahggy friends and cuzzints were kvetching about garden hoses. Can I just say that garden hoses are one of the banes of my existence? They are heavy and they leak and the connections between them SPRAY and can we talk about PermaKink? I have three pots of impatiens in my back yard. They are pretty much the only thing I water (I knoooowww). They are close enough to the backyard faucet that I SHOULD only need to uncoil the first of the THREE hoses that are linked together and attached to said faucet. But guess what? Because of PermaKink, I have to uncoil a whole bunch more than one hose. Why? Because PermaKink completely shuts off the water supply and I cannot seem to coil its host hose back up on the holder without PermaKink forming again. What I really like are those ultra light-weight expandable hoses and maybe when the GG returns from his next back-country boondoggle with his womb-mate and their girl friends, he will find a new expandable hose.

SOME GOOD NEWS! A couple days ago I was lamenting the seeming demise of my fave donation drop-off spot, the Kiwanis Thrift Shop. They take just about everything under the sun but the last time they posted anything was back in June. They were opening “soon”. And then NOTHING. I feared the worst until today when they suddenly posted that they were opening in September! Yay! I do hope they are being exceedingly careful. Today Amazon Woman mentioned the PTO Thrift Shop, which is another popular local spot for donations. I know about it from my PTO treasurer days but it’s not generally on my radar screen any more. Alas, they have had a COVID case and had to temporarily close.

Of course, y’all may know how pessimistic yer fav-o-rite blahgger is about “opening up”. Yeah, open up those schools. Yer just gonna hafta close ’em back up. Stay safe people!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I love my expandable hoses and have trouble with every other kind. I have a permakink one in my back yard and it is a PITA. I do eventually blow up the expandable hoses, and regular hoses are more reliable, although heavy and hard to manage.