Some things not to buy for a while

Oh we’ll probably needs eggs again fairly soon. Today I made my first successful swipe at the freezer since pre-COVID. Everything out. Everything back in. In some kind of organized fashion. I know I’ll still lose things in there but it’s better than it was. At least there’s a blasted light!

Next up, refrigerator door. Everything out. We have three jars of horseradish, three thingies of sriracha, and I didn’t count how many mustards because I only got to the top two shelves today. There were two on those and I’m gonna guess more is lurking on the bottom shelves. I’ll get to those tomorrow. And then there’s whatever is at the moomincabin…

Two grocery orders today.

1) Delivery from Meijer. I’m not even sure which Meijer. I shop at two, both within delivery range. One is the Jackson Rd. Meijer, which I use used on weekends. The other is the Saline Rd. Meijer which is was on my way to/from Cubelandia. I had Cameron again and he’s fine. I hope these young folks (most of them are young) are getting paid a living wage because they are a lifeline for us baggy old Covid Chickens. They had pretty much everything I needed wanted except pita chips but I just added those to my afternoon Plum order and all was well.

2) Curbside from Plum. I know a weeeeee bit about the internal workings of the Plum. I wanted pitted Kalamata olives and what I really wanted was the olive bar olives. I know that self-serve food is not available as usual but I asked my personal source if they had any pre-packaged things from the olive bar. Yes but. They do but they didn’t show up when I searched and I couldn’t find a reasonable way to ask for them so in the end I settled for some in a jar. They’ll be fine. Then I wanted chicken thighs and I searched for “chicken” and I found thighs but then I was astounded when Carolina chicken salad popped up! That’s the salad with grapes and celery and walnuts, etc. and pre-COVID I bought a mid-sized container of it just about every weekend I was home. I crossed my fingers and ordered it and voila! They HAD IT!

Y’know, people are sooooo STUPID. At the beginning of COVID, Plum dumped all of its make-up “testers”. Guess what people started doing. If you guessed “opened up the for-sale make-up”, you win the prize. I dunno what the make-up section looks like nowadays but they did have to figger out how to keep customers from messing with it. Me? I do wear make-up but it hasn’t much changed since 40 years ago and with the pandemic, a little Cover Girl foundation is about it. Occasionally a touch of eye makeup but not often. My “routine” takes all of 30 seconds and I don’t think the GG can tell whether I’m wearing it or not. And I have been ordering it online for a few years now.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I wear a little bit of powder blush and lipstick, not much else. Now with masks, I rarely wear lipstick either, usually just lip balm. Between that and my wild hair, I’m going quite natural! I need to go to the store tomorrow and dread it. John and I are doing a bike ride and it’s my turn to make the lunch. He did some of those tortilla roll-ups which I love, so I want to buy the stuff to make several different types of them. 🙂 That means venturing into parts of the store with which I’m not as familiar, which is nerve wracking!