Missin’ Gitchee Gumee

First, note to self: please dredge up the original of this pic and RE-SCAN it with yer blasted iPhone so it is a decent size! You post it over and over again.

I’m not sure how old the beach urchins are here, maybe going into 5th and 2nd grade? I don’t think we’re quiiiite at middle school. I do well remember that hugely oversized t-shirt era. I think these were girl scout day camp shirts and I don’t really remember but I sorta think the camp directors just bought XLs and passed them out as one size fits all. My kids were minis but not everyone was.

I was not gainfully employed when this pic was taken and so was able to take my children to the beach for more than the 2-3 weeks I got off per year in my Childhood Job. When I was working that job, I remember anticipating my couple weeks on the beach for the whole blasted year and then all too soon it was over and I was back here on the Planet Ann Arbor sweltering in the swampy heat, holding back tears for not having gitchee gumee in my front yard.

On the other hand… Since I was a child, I have wanted to live on the Planet Ann Arbor and I love it here and I have grown to love summers here too, HOT as they can be. Like this week… Nowadays I WRENCH myself back and forth between the planet and gitchee gumee. I don’t think I will EVER relocate to the yooperland or even spend entire summers there. Since I became a full-time forever telecommuter, I can work from there whenever I want and maybe next summer will be different. This summer, with the pandemic, I have struggled a bit with staying there for extended periods of time. Grocery pickup is fine but I don’t have all of the options that are available to me down here on the planet and I’m pretty sure Amazon Prime doesn’t deliver there, at least not down our road.

I’ll have to blahg about that old girl scout day camp some day. It was a fabulously rustic experience for the kids and we were all sad when it bit the dust.

One Response to “Missin’ Gitchee Gumee”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Big t-shirts, I remember those! You had some blondies. I also love where I live, for different reasons. Definitely weather is one of them. I also enjoy our accessibility to the ocean, lakes, the Puget sound, the mountains, forests, the desert, Canada(when we could travel) and many other cool places to hike or admire. We are fortunate to be bonded to where we live. Both my girls dislike where they live right now. 🙁