I was NOT okay this morning. Oh don’t worry, it was temporary and [mostly] trivial.

First, I could not get the house WiFi to work. I made a half-hearted attempt to re-a-start the “switch”. Nowadays I am never sure which switch operates the “switch” but the one I tried LOOKED like it was doing the job. But. Not. I decided to bag it. I have bad karma with certain kinds of tech issues and the GG would be home later and I can get to the internet on my phone via the 5G cell network. (Is that the thing nut job conspiracy theorists say is transmitting the coronavirus?) And it’s Sunday so I didn’t have to work. I DO need WiFi for that. Anyway, he eventually got home and the WiFi was miraculously back on all by itself without any intervention from him. Maybe Comcast or Xfinity or whatever it is was down? I do not know.

Feedly was down. Actually it STILL seems to be down. Feedly is the app I use to get people’s blahg updates. I circumvented that by going directly to the 6-7 blahgs I follow that are still active after all these years. I used to follow quite a few mommy blahggers (in a lurky kind of way) but, as I had always predicted, they mostly dropped off as their kids hit adolescence and/or their marriages failed and/or they “went back to work”. [Subtweet deleted, you’re welcome 🐽]

We won’t talk about smoke alarms or CO monitors. At least the smoke alarms stopped beeping and the CO thingy is out in the Lyme Lounge so I can hear it but only faintly and the driveway neighbors had their central A/C going all week so they probably couldn’t hear it at all. The GG is home now and is working on fixing these issues although I bet the CO thingy isn’t fixed for good. Interesting that he didn’t fix the smoke alarms until I pointed out the lack of batteries. I left a big ladder right underneath one of them that he couldn’t possibly have missed since it was in the doorway of his upstairs lair.

Finally… Jeebus H. Mackinaw Kee-reist! I checked twitter this morning (after I checked the weather) and holy crapola, the Orange Baboon was rage-tweeting left and right. Badmouthing everybody and his brother with a special focus on Portland, whining about college football, you name it. 90 tweets beginning at around 6:00 AM. The Washington Post helpfully counted them so the rest of us could ignore him and go about our business. Why oh why do people think he is an acceptable president? Mad as old King George III (I’m still reading the Poldark books).

So the Happy Hippie is home from his 10 day boondoggle to the Boundary Waters and back. This trip featured a 6-day/5-night backpacking tour along the North Country Trail with the UU and some wimmin 👀. No cell service except for a few minutes at a high point midway through the trip. I do not backpack. Shower pre-hike, whine after. I did enjoy my 10 days of spacification on the Planet Ann Arbor and am making progress around here, slow as she goes.

2 Responses to “Grrrrr…”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    P.S. I have since learned that there was some kind of general internet outage this morning and I suspect that was the cause of my WiFi issues. Cheers!

  2. Margaret Says:

    90 tweets? How pathetic! I don’t remember if I had any trouble with the internet. I didn’t notice it. I am two hours behind you though, so perhaps it was fixed by then. I got my 9 volt batteries and now need to do the tedious task of replacing smoke detector batteries before they start chirping. I have 8 of them! Ugh.