Got to mouse’s house. Didn’t stay long, just dropped something off and got a quick masked mini-tour because I’m a COVID Chicken.

I took a few pics of this beautiful house in the woods but none of them were worth posting (I wasn’t trying very hard, being exhausted after one of those work days that starts out slow and accelerates into the tower of Babel). So you get this cute little book, which was a gift from a former co-worker of hers who sounds like a very sweet, thoughtful person.

What I wish I had thought to take pictures of was the last part of the route we took to get there but I was kinda hanging on for dear life as the GG was going about five mph faster than I would have preferred. And yes, five mph MATTERED on this road. It is a narrow gravel road out in prime glacial hill territory and we turned off the highway such that we approached from the northern end of it. As we barreled up and down steep hills and zigzagged around all over the place, I could only think something like, “This is GORGEOUS but the road’ll be a MESS in the winter!”

And it will but when we left, we headed south, and the road quickly became a lot flatter and straighter and it was a short drive to a nice paved road. I have to say I have probably played a role in this child’s choice to live in the woods. I chose MY house based on the (small) woods behind it and I dragged us all up to the moominbeach to stay with the grandparents every summer, in the forest on the shores of gitchee gumee.

Richard Scarry? OMG! Have you ever heard of the dreaded Cat Family Book? I can’t exactly remember the REAL title, something like Best First Word Book. It’s in the Landfill Dungeon and I am too lazy to look for it. Lizard Breath went nuts over that book as a toddler/pre-schooler. There’s a thin little story to it but every page has MANY captioned pictures. You couldn’t just read the thin little story, you had to read every dad-blasted word on the page. She would catch you out if you didn’t. Well, granddaddy got a pass…

Once when we arrived at the moomincabin with our usual BIG bag of books, The Commander pulled me aside and whispered, “Didja bring the Cat Family Book?” I replied, “No!” and she reacted with, “Thank GOD!”

What is the GG doing? Troubleshooting the $%&# CO monitor from the Lyme Lounge – for the THIRD time. He had brought it into his upstairs lair in the Landfill and it started beeping about 3:00 this afternoon, just when he was taking a nap. It didn’t wake him up but it annoyed the hell outta me so I closed both doors to the lair, which allowed him to continue sleeping and me to work without dropping the F-bomb every three minutes or whatever the interval between beeps is. Margaret, you warned me this might happen 🐸

2 Responses to “Finally”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m afraid those alarms are relentless, and sometimes they are defective, like in the case of mine. I bought a new one, and threw the old one in the trash. No problems at the moment. (knock on wood) I disliked Scarry books for the same reason–too junky and too many different conversations or captions going on. I never knew who was supposed to speak first!

  2. Pam J. Says:

    Richard Scarry! Wow, that sent me back. Lowly Worm. Goldbug! My kids — now 36 and 38 — liked his books too, and like you we read them over and over and over. Nice memories. Thanks!