Bark bark bark!

A childhood/facebook friend has recently adopted a beautiful “rescue” dog. Five years old so not a puppy. My friend works remotely (and has since years pre-COVID) and deals with customers on the phone. Guess what? The dog can’t tell when friend is talking to the dog or into the phone and makes dog noise to get my friend’s attention. This will get sorted out and my friend is already working on strategies.

I don’t have any aminals but I had a similar issue this morning. I started up our daily “standup” meeting and almost immediately the GG began a LOUD convo with one of his brothers. Amazon Woman is on vacay so I was RUNNING the standup and I had to excuse myself for 30 seconds to close the door between the GG’s Upstairs Lair and the Green Couch (my current office, which WILL change).

I mean, meeting online is not new for anyone on my team. We’ve always had remote workers and have been meeting online forever. But we’re also globally multicultural. Our Indian colleagues are FLUENT in English and they can pick apart English grammatical errors as well as the best of us. But during meetings, my crappy old mid-western American English ears need to be totally focused to decipher their accents. I bet they have an equally difficult time deciphering my own American Great Lake State sometimes sorta Canuckian accented English.

It all worked out okay. I shut the door to the lair and I could hear again. Eventually the GG spacified me by schlepping out to the mousehouse to refill the hummingbird feeders. He took his kindle and a beverage or two and hung out on the mousehouse deck reading for a while, leaving me to sort out the rabbit hole of the day.

Beautiful socially distanced evening in the back yard with npJane. We sat more like 20 feet away from each other than six. All measurements are arbitrary and I don’t trust any of them but as far away as possible and fortunately npJane seems to agree with me.

npJane texted me last night about a meeting and I decided to JUMP on it this time with a couple do-able days before we head back up to the moominbeach. Early in this beautiful summer it was okay to punt socially distanced back yard get-togethers but we’re into September now and who knows when Old Man Winter will start dragging his icy finger across our beautiful landscape, making these outdoor get-togethers impossible. So I said, Thursday (today) or Saturday. Today it was. So much fun!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve never had to work from home, and I’m pretty sure that I would be terrible at it. But probably I would adjust, like most people have to do. That’s wonderful that you had an outdoor and distanced get together. I dread the bad weather coming when we can’t do that, or when it will be difficult for me to have a car coffee date. Ugh.