Those birds that run on the beach

First, obviously we had a beach again today. It was pretty much dead calm this morning and I was able to take my usual walk. And I got this sandpiper pic. I don’t think it’s all that great but the GG is all excited about it. As I have said before, I am a random iphoneographer and I don’t really do wildlife. To get this pic, I stood stock still and held the button down for a burst, then picked out the best of the best and apped it via Instagram. It was a total pain in the you-know-what.

When the GG first starting coming up to the moomincabin with me, he asked The Commander what those “birds that run on the beach” were. The GG had been all over the place and the cFam has always owned a cabin at Houghton Lake but they do not have a beach there and sandpipers need a beach to, y’know, run on. He was entranced by the sandpipers and for a while when we were still in an *acquisitional* phase of life, we collected sandpiper crapola. We moved on to other crapola (frogs, yikes) but now we are in a *deaquisitional* phase of life so we aren’t collecting anything, i.e., don’t send us sandpiper or frog crapola 🐽

I had to work today so the GG spacified me by walking to “town” aka Sault Ste. Siberia. My dad walked to town all the time when I was a kid but he only walked one way. When he was young, he *ran* to town and I remember him telling about once when he was running in the dark and another guy was running the other direction and they ran *into* each other. Is that REALLY true? I dunno and I can’t ask…

Walking to town involves an old railroad grade and some roads and when I was a kid walking it with my dad, there were deer trails and an old logging road through Lewie’s land and ravines and an old abandoned house (the old Forrest house) in one of the ravines and one year a stinky cow carcass.

Today the GG was walking to and *from* town (my dad never did that). As he was on his way back, it seemed like rain was moving in so I texted him to ask if I could pick him up. Yes, Five Mile Road, west of White Road. Things have changed a lot since I used to walk that route with my dad but even with recent years’ developments (ugh), I knew where to pick the GG up so I was right where the old railroad grade crosses the road as he was walking up to the road.

Rain? We never seemed to get any.

One Response to “Those birds that run on the beach”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I am with the GG and am entranced with the sandpipers running on the beach. Their colors and their contrast to the sand (with that little bit of green) make for an outstanding shot. Of course, I’m no photographer myself, so I don’t know that I can be trusted. 🙂 We desperately, desperately need rain here. Desperately.