Drizzly gray and boring

And a pretty darn good writer’s block to boot!

Lemme see… When you have writer’s block, the rule (my rule anyway) is to just start writing anything and see where it gets you. So. I am wearing Smartwool leggings for the first time since I dunno, maybe about June? I’ve been dreaming of rain and then when we finally get it, it’s a light chilly drizzle and I had to turn up the gas stove this afternoon to warm up. This place is NOT winterized at ALL. No insulation or central heating source. Fortunately it was somewhere in the mid 50s so no danger of being seriously cold. Breaking weather news is that frost is possible in the western yooperland overnight but I don’t think it’ll make it over here to the eastern end. And yeah, I knoooowwww it was only last week that I was complaining about hot weather.

In a meeting with Amazon Woman this afternoon she was kvetching about how the landscaping at the late-model house she had built a couple years ago was, well, not up to snuff. As she was describing lawn and tree issues, etc., I looked out my picture window at Mother Nature’s own landscaping. Tall pines everywhere and the only grass we have here is the beach grass that grows on the bank. I don’t think we could mow that if we tried.

Fearful of pandemic grocery shopping, I have once again schlepped more food up here than we can begin to eat. I am again missing two summers ago when Uber Kayak Woman was here and we had a cabinful of young relatives and their friends and she and I made so many trips to Meijer for TONS of food and booze and beer that we felt compelled to tell the cashier whose line we kept ending up in that REALLY, the two of us were not eating/drinking all of that stuff by ourselves.

This week? Lemme see, homemade pizza when we got here Sunday, BBQ frog jam chicken Monday, lasagna last night, leftover chicken tonight, shish kebab tomorrow night, leftover lasagna Friday, and leftover shish kebab Saturday. And we’re apparently not closing the moomincabin this weekend after all but I am taking ALL food back to the Planet Ann Arbor, perishable or not.

I don’t think my writer’s block rule got me much of anywhere but when you are a daily blahgger, that’s part of the territory🐽

P.S. Here I am kvetching about the crappy little bit of chilly drizzly rain we’re getting while my western friends and relations are facing down scary dangerous wildfires. Praying in my own godless way for y’all to get rain too! Heavy drenching rain!

One Response to “Drizzly gray and boring”

  1. Margaret Says:

    From your lips to god’s ears–is that the saying? We need lots and lots of rain. Immediately. I don’t feel in danger, but there are some major fires within 15 minutes of me.