Mama said there’d be days like this…

Oh, don’t worry, it was just work crapola. I mean the technical kind, we almost NEVER have personnel drama.

Specifically, one of the most boring parts of my job is to update user documentation, turn it into PDFs and publish on a “portal” where, uh, users can get to it. That’s not to say that our users ever DOOOO access it but still. So I made my PDFs and published them. I always download them to make sure they UPLOADED successfully. Things were going well until the end of the day when I actually looked past the FIRST PAGE of one of the PDFs. Guess what. ONLY THE FIRST PAGE was available. It was followed by a long stretch of blank white space. WTF? I will probably have to file a support ticket. I can only hope I get a support person who understands this issue… … …

Then there was the whole thing where the normally stable moomincabin WiFi went out for a bit and I couldn’t access ANY work stuff for a while. I thought my account was locked out but then, MIRACULOUSLY, I was back in business.

In the middle of all that, various facebook friends were talking about online voting (NOT absentee ballots). I think that we should not rush toward online voting. I work for the online banking industry. As a user experience designer, I am very far removed from security issues but I know they are taken very seriously by our global corporation.

One of the things I would be concerned about is TESTING. We employ teams of quality analysis folks who BEAT UP on our product like crazy trying to find issues with it.

Who will implement a system for online voting? Who will design it? Who will code it? And who will test it? The company I work for makes MONEY doing what we do and you have got to know we would not be making money if we sold products that didn’t work or were insecure.

We are still a collection of united states. Who decides who creates online voting systems?

One Response to “Mama said there’d be days like this…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    We’ve been doing mail in voting for a long time in Washington, and even that shouldn’t be rushed by states with no experience with it. The safeguards for on-line seem like they would need to be strenuous. We’re not ready for it, in my humble opinion.