Pandemic shopping episode #2379287329

Clementines (tangerines/mandarins/whatever) are probably my fave go-to fruit. They’re just the right size and always taste good and don’t have seeds except for the occasional rogue. Now. Disclaimer. I know they are not locally grown (Chile in this case). I know that’s baaaaad. I buy as much local food as I can. I also buy clementines and pretty much don’t care where they come from. For YEARS I schlepped a clementine over to Cubelandia in my lunch every day (and schlepped the peel home to put in the compost).

The online, inhouse system for curbside pickup at the Plum is the best. It works pretty much like clockwork. I sign up for a spot 24 hours in advance and keep adding products until I am done or they cut me off so they can shop my order. For whatever reason, I have NEVER been able to find clementines in a search. It returns clementine flavored sodas and clementine scented body products. No fruit.

I was making an order this morning and, as usual, I couldn’t find clementines…

But I have an inside contact at the Plum. So I texted her… “Are you at work today? If so, would you take a stroll through the produce section and look for those little oranges *I* call clementines? And if you find them, will you tell me what the store calls them?” In response, I got the two photoooos in this post. In other words “YES we have them” and “they are called clementine tangerines”.

Okay. I searched for clementines AGAIN. Same drinks and other products. I searched for tangerines. Still nothing except for flavored/scented other stuff. I scrolled through the ENTIRE PRODUCE SECTION. There had to be at least 200 products and every esoteric fruit/vegetable you could imagine was there including some things I am almost positive are not actually on the shelves at this moment. But not clementines. Which were on the shelves.

I have clementines now. I texted my insider again and said something like, “Next time you have a REASON to stop by the Landfill front porch, will you drop off a bag of those ‘clementine tangerines’”? Yes. And she did. Today 🧡🧡🧡 Curbside/delivery is MUCH easier than it was six months ago but there are still a few glitches.

P.S. These photos are by my Plum insider. I haven’t been in that store since something like March 8th. They are Utility Photos so I’m sure she doesn’t care if I have posted them without asking permission 🐽🐽🐽

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  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s amazing because I am a huge fan of them also. I used to take one in my lunch every day when I worked (so easy to peel and just the right size) and always have them around. I’ve also had trouble finding certain things for on-line pick up because I’m not sure of the name. (or it’s not on their list of products)