Rabbitholes, crapola, and green leopards

I was down a different rabbithole every day this week. I mean at work. For the first time since he retaarrrred, I missed my old buddy FZ. I mean I always *miss* him but today was the first day I wished we could yell over the wall. The last day we did that was March 12, 2020. He taught me well enough that when I run into something I don’t totally understand, I can figger out what questions to ask. Today? I dunno where to start. But I’ll get there.

On the home front? Are we back on the flinging track? The GG hopped around all day schlepping crapola upstairs, downstairs, from room to room and outside. And then… He asked me if the Kiwanis Thrift Shop was open and, if so, when. And while I was at it, what about Habitat? One of my alter-egos is Garbage Woman so I get to keep track of all garbage-related things. What day the garbage/recycle/compost carts go out and what goes in them (and what DOESN’T go in them, hello batteries and styrofoam egg cartons) and what about the holiday schedule. Actually Luke of Perrynet once told me that after a holiday he watches to see when I put my carts out before putting his out.

Then, like today, there is the complex web of re-use shops. Kiwanis has been our go-to for years because they take just about anything that’s not toxic in some way. They are opening tomorrow after being COVID-closed forever. I’m glad for their caution but I was also worried that they might close forever. Then there’s Habitat (I’ll tell my Sault Ste. Siberia mattress story [again] some other time) and the PTO Thrift Shop (which we haven’t used) and the Scrap Box. I have some stuff accumulating to take to the Scrap Box but don’t totally understand their COVID donation policies. I’ll get there. The GG wanted to know hours and stuff and I was about to say look it up yourself but then I remembered I was Garbage Woman and I guess I’m not quite ready to give up that particular tiara yet.

As much as I want to get back on the flinging train, the GG was engaged in so much frenetic activity today that it was driving me nuts. He finally went out to take old tents to Habitat (they took one), then to REI, which doesn’t seem to match up with GETTING RID OF STUFF! While at REI he ran into our old Oscar Tango Friday night server friend cHicks. She hasn’t been there in a few years and we miss her. But. I was annoyed when he showed me a selfie he took where SHE was wearing a mask but HE wasn’t! He says they were far apart. Maybe. He *was* in front of her. Anyway, good to see [half of] her face. We also soooo miss our Saturday afternoon Griz bartender.

In the mail today, a Biden/Harris flyer and this green leopard-print scarf I impulse-ordered from Chicos. I am voting for Biden/Harris (bite me if you’re not) so I put the flyer into the recycle without reading it. The scarf is biz-caz and I don’t really wear that any more but somehow I like leopard print nowadays? When did that happen? I do not know. But I am a black/jewel-tone person (blonde/blue) and brown doesn’t work for me, at least if it’s near my face. A leopard print skirt would work but I haven’t found one I like yet. Anyway, I liked this green interpretation enough to buy it immediately. Will I wear it? We’ll see… At least it matches the Green Couch.

One Response to “Rabbitholes, crapola, and green leopards”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m not wearing most of my clothes these days besides exercise outfits. (hoping to actually get back to exercise in a day or so!) I need to get on the flinging train.