QOFE (but Garbage Woman will do)

I logged into TeleCubelandia this morning and guess what? Amazon Woman sent me an email wishing me a happy anniversary! 13 years at Cubelandia. Actually 12.5 years at Cubelandia and .5 at TeleCubelandia. What a whirlwind. And I remember well having to drive to the other side of Ypsi through torrential rain to get a drug test with just about the nastiest med-tech on earth. And a beach urchin was preparing to launch to Dakar for study abroad so the household in general was just a wee bit on edge. It was all fine although her iPod crapped out in the middle of the night before we drove her to her flight outta O’Hare and we had to buy a new one somewhere along the way. Well, whaddya know, I found the post…

So that was part of the backdrop surrounding the beginning of what I call my Adult Job, even though I sometimes feel less like an adult in this job than I did in my Childhood Job when my boss was often AWOL and I handled all of whatever shitola happened. And that was okay but the pay couldda been better.

I found this tiara in the Landfill Dungeon a while back and it was in a bag that I was gonna take to the Scrapbox whenever I can manage to figger out how to make a donation there. And then yesterday I was thinking about how I was Garbage Woman and then I was thinking about how, on top of being Garbage Woman, I was actually the QOFE (Queen of f*cking everything). I pulled MYYYYY tiara outta the Scrapbox bag and I am now proudly wearing it.

And sometime tonight, we will be porterized for Virtual Oscar Tango Friday so g’night and love y’all, Garbage Woman.

One Response to “QOFE (but Garbage Woman will do)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I have a tiara from my retirement, and now I feel like putting it on! Congrats on your workversary. I made it 37 years in my mostly wonderful teaching job. Given the circumstances, I’m so very glad to be retired. 🙂