Mask thief

The GG and I each have four masks. They are handmade (by our creative-type fiber artist daughter) with a double layer of batik fabric. Not medical grade by any means but batik is regarded as great mask fabric and I think that’s because it is DENSELY woven cotton.

Early on when whatever “science” we all could muster was just beginning to recommend masks, we here and near the Planet Ann Arbor were a bit concerned that the GG might try to defy mask recommendations because he is a serious envelope pusher. Our beach urchin picked out nice green forest-y batik fabrics to entice him and that pretty much has been working. #thatWomanInMichigan aka #bigGretch’s mask rule has also helped. Not to mention yer fav-o-rite blahgger’s constant nagging.

Anyway, two of the masks are identical (one his, one mine). I keep a mask on the Green Couch so it is at the ready on the rare chance that I need it.

I actually RARELY wear a mask. Do not get me wrong, I am not an anti-masker in any way-shape-form. I just avoid going inside places or crowded outdoor spots. I keep a mask at the ready on my Green Couch “office” to put on if I have to meet someone at the door (even though we have now replaced our storm door screen with glass because you know who is coming to the Great Lake State right?). I take a mask with me when I go to get curbside pickups.

I do these things as a courtesy to the people on my porch or putting my grokkeries in my trunk. Even though these brave people and I are protected from each other by distance and glass, I appreciate what they do and how they provide us baggy old bags with food, etc., as well as keeping our country’s economy moving along. Wearing a mask in these situations is probably a bit theatrical but it is also a caring gesture and important COVID-era etiquette in an era when our national government is so ridiculously lacking in effective leadership. King George III anyone?

I do NOT wear a mask when I am walking at 0-skunk-30 although I do put one in my pocket. There is no one out at that time. At this time of year, it is pitch black when I walk. It is very easy to avoid the few other people out there by walking in the middle of the street or wherever.

This morning I got outta the shower and headed over to the Green Couch to corral my hair, put my polartech jacket and Keens on, and grab my mask… Uh… Where is my mask? This particular mask is the one that is identical to one of the GG’s.

Anyway, I figgered he had nabbed my mask thinking it was his and when he got up to head into the water closet, I immediately confronted him. “Did you take my mask?” Well, yes, he guessed he did. I walked with no mask in my pocket this morning but I encountered NO ONE.

So here he is at the moomincabin a few weeks ago. He’s wearing his big green feet and that “guy” in the red pants? That’s Chrissy the Police Mouse. She was a $3.99 grocery store (Kroger) mouse I bought for my mouse umpteen bazillion years. She was a great tool when moom/mouse moments occurred (you know the kind), she lives with me now, and we ALL still LOVE her. No masks in the pic because it was just the two of us.

We’ll talk about my Green Couch office soon – with pictures🐽🐽🐽

One Response to “Mask thief”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I have masks in the house and in my car, but could use a few more cloth ones. I don’t wear one when I’m walking either, although I did in New York. They are much stricter there.