This is where I have been working for the last six months and I thought I should take a pic before I move to different digs. Within the Landfill, I mean. Not sure how soon that’ll happen but anyway, for posterity…

This is the Green Couch and I hate the color so much that I drape it with Pendleton “Chief Joseph” blankets. A yooper can never have too many blankets. The blankets are kind of crooked right now. I pull the couch out from the wall and throw my co-workers on the floor and straighten everything out every weekend.

On the left we have my co-workers. Up on top are Frogette, Chrissy the Police Mouse, and Froggy. On the couch itself are Green Guy (with his “Frozen” aerials down around his neck), Softy Beanbag, Turnstile, and Bucky Beaver who is really hard to see because he blends in with…

My black Patagonia polar-fleece jacket and vest. Also hard to see. They are there because that’s where I hang out to put outer-wear on for my 0-skunk-30 walk so as not to awaken the GG. If I don’t disturb his REM sleep, I get some much needed spacification even after I return from my walk. Oh yeah, there’s a pair of Smartwool socks there too.

A Blue Plaid (yes blue) Woolrich “lap” blanket that I sorta snuggle into on COLD mornings, neatly folded because I haven’t needed it in a while.

A MASK! On top of the Blue Plaid blanket. It’s my go-to mask. Green forest-y batik in this case. I have three others in the “master bedroom”.

On the chair arm next to the window is [one of] my iPhone charging devices. And that’s also where the GG puts my coffee after he makes it in the morning while I am cleaning the bathroom. I move it carefully down to the shelf/ledge.

The shelf/ledge next to the couch? Well, first the shelf and windows above it. This is original to the Landfill (built in 1959). I can’t count how many shysters have come by trying to offer me/us new windows. “Aren’t those windows drafty?” I dunno maybe but we aren’t replacing them nope nope nope nope. We do have storm windows for them and I actually LIKE a house that’s a bit drafty. Kee-reist, if you are a yooper with a seasonal cabin on the great lakes (you know which one), you know about weather.

Anyway… On the shelf is my work laptop, a Dell device not to be confused with my personal MacBook Pro. Not a bad device though. It does the job and the company tools are getting pretty cool and Ajax-y (or whatever it is these days).

And… The basket back there? My office supplies. I’ll inventory the contents of that some other day.

One Response to “TeleCubelandia”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It looks very cozy but a bit crowded. 😉