My work is rarely contentious and it wasn’t today, exactly. Except that Mr. Bear got “stuck” on something that was wrong in the prototype that I [try to] keep up to date and wouldn’t let it go. Why was it like that and how many years had it been wrong? I mean this was one little piece of text in a S-P-R-A-W-L-I-N-G application. Not that there aren’t other little discrepancies but yaknow, there are times when I never quite know what I’m gonna be doing from day to day or even minute to minute and sh*t happens.

So finally I wrote this message:


1) This was a proposed solution when we talked about it last [and reader, that was *years* ago].
2) I didn’t understand how it worked then (but I do know).
3) I put it in the prototype thinking we’d talk about it more.
4) We didn’t (talk about it more).
5) It got deferred.
6) I forgot to take it out of the prototype.

So, human error. Cheers!


Was I angry? Heck no. I was laughing my you-know-what off. I did not hear back from my ursine friend.

And then, a blast from the past. We were discussing an issue in a meeting yesterday and everybody was saying stuff like, “Oh this has a simple solution.” I was thinking, “Oh no it doesn’t because I think I remember the last time we talked about it.”

So, I found that meeting and WE HAD RECORDED IT! I listened to the recording and no it was not simple, the discussion went on for a half hour and meandered all over the place without ever landing anywhere. Mr. Bear was a prominent participant. But what a blast from the past!

1) My old work buddy FZ ran that meeting. So good to hear his voice.

2) We were sitting in a conference room at Cubelandia. It was mid-January 2020. I don’t think anyone in that room realized that two months later we would be sent home never to return.

And finally, here are two antifas (or are they communists?) off adventuring in the woods somewhere over on the west side of the state. Womb-mates or not, I am not happy to see them without masks 🐽🐽🐽.

3 Responses to “Switzerland

  1. Margaret Says:

    They do look a little sketchy…
    If someone says something is easy or simple, I cringe. Almost nothing is when it comes to computers or programs. OR LIFE.

  2. Robert J Courtois Says:

    “Easy” if enough time and resources.

    No not Atifa or Commies. Leave that to the democrats.

    Boy, a LOT of Trump signs on the west side of the state.

  3. kayak woman Says:

    Re “easy”: Yes, and part of what the web application dev team I’m part of is good at is “scoping” how complicated something is and therefore whether it’s worth doing or not.