Dark, messy, and chippy

After weeks and weeks and weeks of bright hot sunshine, Old Man Winter gave us the teensiest tinesiest of pokes overnight and today was cloudy and rainy and the Landfill was DARK. (“I’m not here yet but you know I am coming.”) It’s not cold out but things are looking a little different later in the week. I don’t mind the dark. Sometimes at Cubelandia the lights didn’t get turned on until 10 AM or whenever and I always enjoyed those days. I can see a screen in the dark. As I think I have said before, I like natural light or lack thereof. Makes it easy for me to cope with the dark season.

It is also MESSY around here today but I am putting up with it because at least some of it represents progress. Someone bagged up a whole bunch of old clothes to get rid of and for once that someone was NOT ME! And there are boxes all over the place because I am now saving packing boxes to fill with stuff to off-load. Early on in the pandemic, I was breaking them down and stuffing them in the recycle because I was immobilized for just about anything but work and sitting in the Lyme Lounge by Lake Erie or wherever on Sundays.

My absentee ballot is on the way! YAY! Now, when will the postal service get around to delivering it? Our mail service is still as squirrelly as all get-out.

Packages are [mostly] getting delivered quickly and we got this big box of potato chips today! I am not a huge snacker but potato chips are one of my faves. I can go a few weeks without thinking about them and then all of a sudden I will be going “Why do I not have potato chips?” Usually plain Lays or Ruffles are fine with me but a beach urchin discovered Great Lakes Potato Chips and ordered us a variety box, which will be fun. Coincidentally I had just bought a couple bags of Lays but it’s all good. They’ll keep.

2 Responses to “Dark, messy, and chippy”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You should give us a rating for each variety of chip. I’m definitely a crunchy and salty fan. I can’t keep Tim’s Cascade Salt and Vinegar chips around, nor Nacho cheese doritos. My self-restraint is lacking these days.

  2. Isa Says: